Saying Thank You Without Saying It!

My good friend Heather got married (…again!!!) to her husband Anthony on 8/3/13, the same day they got married in a court room 3 years ago. These two seriously just ooze love and I couldn’t have been more excited to be at this wedding let alone be in it! So when Heather said she really wanted a wooden “Thank You!” sign made to take pictures with to send out for thank you cards… I just KNEW I had to be the maker of this project!

I will show you a really cool trick I found on Pinterest for painting words onto a wooden board (or onto anything for that matter!)

I mean seriously look at them…..


Heather looked so stunning and the day couldn’t have gone any smoother!


Okay one more just so you REALLY get it!


Now back to the crafting! First I started with step # 1, a piece of wood. I first thought I’d go looking through alleys (I know, but I was desperate at first!) but the boyfriend, Mike, was not so into that idea! Thanks to him he found me a piece of wood from his friends backyard where he was building a fence!


Legit just a bare piece of completely raw wood! I had Mike cut it to 2 feet long. Then I knew I had to sand it since it was just screaming “I’m gonna give you a sliver!!!!!” I love these foam block sanders instead of the paper sanding sheets, they’re easy to hold and get into corners nicely! I think they last longer then the sheets do but don’t quote me on that. 

Sand, sand, and sand some more… Remember to always go with the grain!


Then I knew I wanted to prime it first since Mike decided to spray paint the NICE side of it silver to see if it would stick to the bare wood. Not sure why he did this to me, as if I didn’t know how to execute this project… Pshhhhhhhh I am woman hear me roar!!!

As you can see I used Martha Stewart Gesso Primer since I had it on hand and I really do like this primer a lot (I used it for a jewelry box I refinished) in the photo I have a varnish in there too but I ended up not using it because it was a high gloss finish and after I finished painting I realized I didn’t want a top coat of any kind because I loved the super matte finish that the white acrylic paint gave.


I used basic paint brushes and foam brushes.


When you prime it you really gotta get into the crevices with your paint brush or it will look like this holey mess… Although if you want a rustic-kind-of-old-worn-out-look this would be very cute! This was not a rustic wedding so I knew those holes had to be filled!


Two coats of primer later (and three over the side Mike Spray painted) and it became a nice white. In this photo you can see that silver poking its evil face through!! I then did one coat of white acrylic paint over the primer just to give one more layer and take that super chalky feel away.


Now… How to get the words on the wood without looking weird? Well off the Pinterest I went!! I found this AWESOME technique! First, print your words out onto regular computer paper like so! I loved this font and thought it looked classy 😉 it’s just a basic Microsoft Word font called Edwardian Script ITC.


Then you’re going to cut out around the words, flip it over, and scratch pencil all over the back like so…


Now here is where my ADD kicked in and I forgot to take pictures of the next steps actually on the wooden board. Do you ever just get so excited for the completion of a project that you zone out into this crafting day dream?! Because that’s definitely what I did here… Hehe. Next you’re going to just position your words where you want them to go (after analyzing and measuring with a ruler for several minutes until your eyes hurt)… And start tracing over the letters (here’s the weird pen holding thing I do… Who taught me to hold my pen this way?! I really am my mothers daughter because she creepily holds her pen very similar! Gotta love my mommy!!)


Now you’re gonna be left with a very faint but noticeable outline of your words onto your board! This is seriously the most convenient thing I have ever done!


Now, simply take your black acrylic paint and go over your words. Take your time and try to keep the skinny parts skinny and thicker parts thick, it just makes it look nicer 🙂 and obviously use the smallest thinest paint brush you own. Here’s what it looked like…. I really love how it came out but I knew it needed something else!


So off to my crafting corner I went. I rummaged through some of my stuff and found some sticky backed flat square rhinestones that I used on a banner I made for my moms retirement party, and some pink ribbon (Heathers wedding colors were pink and grey and she had a rhinestone and bow theme throughout as well. Look at the bow on her dress… BEAUTIFUL!!


I then added some rhinestones below the words, since they were sticky I just pressed them on with some force) and a small pink bow in each corner stuck on with my trusty hot glue gun. Here is the final product!…..(not the best photos… I know! I really got step up my photog skills!)


I hope this inspires someone to make a cute DIY sign whether it be for a wedding or just for your home! It’s very easy and it will definitely come out looking professional especially with the pencil on paper technique!

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