We’re All Mad Here….

Well ladies and gentlemen… this right here is my FAVORITE cake I have ever made.

image (2)

When I got a message from a facebook Friend Michelle (or Meeker as many know her by. Really how cute is that nickname and why the f don’t I have one like that?) requesting an Alice in Wonderland cake I got way too excited. Like you dont understand… I was PUMPED. She sent me some pictures for inspiration which I love.

I really prefer when people at least give me an idea of what they want. People always assume I’m some creative psychic ninja that can just read minds and know exactly what theyre thinking. Although this would be awesome… it is not the case! I need some kind of path to follow. Its like sending a child to school for the first time. You dont just kick them out and wave bye… no you guide them to where they go and maybe even hold their hand for support. All I’m asking is to please hold my hand a little and guide me where you’d like me to go 🙂


At the last minute I decided to make the Cheshire Cat. He is just toooooo awesome and such a staple of Alice in Wonderland. Getting him to look right was difficult because the Wilton Gel Colors are very basic so it took some mixing of purple, blue, and a little bit of brown to get the right purply shade. He is handmade with cute little line impressions for teeth!

That key is sprayed with some Gold Wilton Color Mist. If you need anything on a cake to be metallic, those cans are the way to go. I have the Duff Airbrush Machine but I have yet to find metallic colors to go in it. Those would be nice, but for now these trusty cans do the J-O-B!


Meeker also wanted cupcakes, so I made little figurines of Alice in Wonderland things. I just loved the little clocks, and don’t be alarmed… all handwritten numbers and words are done with Edible Markers! GREAT invention for the cake decorating world. And everything is made with fondant of course… also edible.


I made about 7 of these little playing cards for the cake and cupcakes. They were about 3 inches big and so cute and mini, after I made the first one I think I legit went… “Awwwwww!”


My absolute favorite part of this cake though… the teapot!

Let me give you a rundown of how this was made… because it truly is alot easier then you may think. Here is the simplified explanation…

1.) Rice krispy treats. 3 of them. Moosh together, form into a ball. Roll ball around on silicone mat to flatten out any little pokey pieces.

2.) Roll out green fondant, wrap rice krispy ball in green fondant. Roll around mat again to make it smooth.

3.) Not smooth enough, wrap in another piece of green fondant. Ahhhh much better.

4.) Mini flower cookie cutters, make about 10 of them, mini circle cookie cutter for center of colors, again make 10 of them.

5.) Roll out 2 snakes of fondant about 4-6 inches long for each…. shape into spout handle… attach to green ball with water  (water attaches fondant to fondant like glue..but careful not too much).

6.) Roll out two more snakes of green fondant… connect them to form circles, and use one on top for lid of teappot, and one of bottom for base of teapot. Place another circular blob of fondant on top of lid, then top that with a little ball of fondant.

7.) Add flowers to teapot for decoration… VOILA!!!!!!!!!!! (oh and shove a toothpick or two up the bottom to place it onto the cake with, make sure that teapot doesnt go rolling off the cake!)


And finally, heres a view from the top in case you needed to know what that angle looked like 🙂

The table is cake, and the hat is cake too!


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