Giving Some Old Ladies Jewerly Box a New Life!

I always wanted to refinish SOMETHING. I thought I’d start simple by refinishing a jewerly box. I went to the Thrift Store by my work called Unique, and came across this beauty for $5.00


The whole thing is real wood, besides the backing on it. The glass has this pattern on it and was made of plastic so I knew that had to go, it had to be painted, and it needed all new linings in the drawers.

I decided to buy some velvet cheetah print paper from Michaels for inside of the drawers (jewerly should sit on velvet to protect it from scratches). I then bought some purple paper as well, and got some silvery white paint acrylic paint.

The original drawers were…. how do I put this? DISGUSTING. I’m actually glad I have no pictures of them because people might think I was gross for even buying this jewerly box. They had this nasty yellow velvet lining that smelled weird. Ew

I modpodged them, added the cheetah print paper to the bottoms, and purple paper to the sides. Heres how they turned out:


These pictures are all off instagram so the filters may have altered the actual colors, but you get the premise 🙂

I did this same paper and modpodge technique for the inside of the jewerly box where necklaces hang as well.

I gorilla glued some black stones for hardware (I wouldve kept the original hardware but 3 of the handles for the drawers snapped off, guess this jewerly box is old!)

I took those nasty plastic door inserts, went to Ace Hardware, and asked them to cut me some glass in the same size. Totally helped this jewerly box out ALOT!!!! It was SO cheap too, like $3.00!

And heres the final product!:


And a before and after shot:


I ended up giving the jewelry box to my mom, here how’s she uses it!


With her cute perfumes on top! What a lovely lady!

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