I like my money right where I can see it…..

Hanging in my closet!!!!

My closet has always been in the basement of our house. My sister and I shared a room up until she went off to college (so my senior year of high school!) therefore she got the closet in our room, and I took the closet downstairs.

The dungeon. That’s more of what it was. It had weird stuff in it.

Old clothes my mom couldn’t part with from the 70’s and 80’s, a crib, a weird little cabinet on wheels filled with books. Then of course my clothes. My clothes on a makeshift clothesline. Pathetic. This went on for far too long. I can’t even believe I’m going to reveal this picture. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take the picture with all my clothes still hung (there’s the ADD in me! I get an idea and my brain turns to mush as I execute) so once I remembered that I wanted a picture of it, I strung a couple things back on the line.


Yes that is it. Ew I know. Here’s some more…


You can see above the dresser near the ceiling… That pipe… Yea I hung my clothes on there. Yikes.

Here’s when I remembered I wanted one with clothes


Just imagine that clothesline PACKED. Like I’m talking near its breaking point PACKED.


There’s that scary pipe again.


Then there was the wall of nails. Just 30 nails hammered into the wall. We pulled out each. and. every. one. This is really embarrassing!

This room needed a paint job. The walls and the floor. I went to Menard’s and the kind man working there showed me this cement and brick waterproof paint. I got it in a nice light grey (I read that light walls make it easier to find clothes in a closet). My mom and I cleared out the entire room, shopvacced the walls and floor, then wiped them down and let it dry. I painted the walls and it magically made the room already look 100x better! Here’s a before and after



AMAZING what some paint can do.

Then I knew I needed something to hang my clothes on. Ive tried those cheaply made clothes racks. They suck. So my mom and I found this bad boy from Walmart… It came out to only $118 with tax! I read review after review and it got majority good ones so we decided on this (I just checked the site and its no longer on there 😦 but its by Whitmor! I remember that! It was on amazon too when I found it)


Thank you Mike for building it!!!! It was really easy too, I even helped 😉 I really hate building things.

I picked out a nice hounds-tooth print rug for $40 off amazon, along with a $20 purple ottoman, and this awesome bead curtain to hide the back part of the closet.

We put my black dresser back in, mike built a small shoe rack (for my fancy heels to be displayed on!), I bought 4 plastic baskets for the closet organizer…..

And VOILA!!!!! Here’s what I was able to change that dingy room into





Then I had even more ideas! My vain side told me “hang mirrors on the back of the sliding doors! So you can get dressed and it’ll be like a store fitting room!” So I ran to target and got 2 cheapy white lightweight mirrors for like $5 each and hung then with those 3m strips


Then I needed a place to hang my purses. Pegboard. I knew it had to be pegboard. But then all I pictured was a nasty yellow peg board like the one in our garage. Puke!!! I read you could paint it, but I didn’t wanna risk chipping so instead I bought fabric and fabric wrapped it!

This idea is so much better if your a freak like me and couldn’t bear having all these little peg holes be seen. Fabric covers it up, and you simply slit holes where you want the little metal things to go in! Here’s what I made of that idea…. (purses not hung yet, just layed)


Clearly that was when it wasn’t hung yet.

I wrapped it in fabric using a staple gun, and then I used black acrylic paint to make a boarder. The boarder just gives it almost a framed look which I liked. This pegboard got hung over the wall where all those nails once resides. It works out so nice because that wall was not finished, so this almost makes a fake wall! Mike drilled it into the wood for me.


All of my dresses hang on these 3 hooks that were already built into the opposite wall


Whats that light fixture you ask???? I made that too. It was super easy! I ironed together 5 sheets of wax paper, and cut out almost 120 circles using my e craft (therefore I didn’t manually cut anything the machine did so that made it a lot easier for me, hand cutting… well that would take forever and wouldn’t be fun). Then I hot glue gunned 5 circles to a string of white thread, then attached the strings of circles to a metal basket and staple gunned it to the ceiling around the light!



Its like a fake Capiz Shell Chandelier!


There you have it! A whole new closet! I cant believe what a makeover it is… it was SO LOW RENT before!

Have you ever thought about giving a storage room a make over? I say at least give it some fresh paint and see what a difference that makes alone then get inspired to do more!

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