If they want an octopus cake… I make them an octopus cake!

I attended a coworkers wedding recently and at said wedding another coworker spoke of her quest for an octopus cake

*Insert Dani here*

I told her I could do it, then next thing I knew I was in my basement sculpting an octopus out of Rice Krispies.

(What has my life come to? Lol)

She told me she wants a blue octopus with a bow tie, and an under water theme. She also attached a photo to her email. Now, I want to give credit where credit is due but I have no idea where this picture came from other then in the email she sent it to me in. So here is what she wanted….


Just she wanted it to be more boy-ish. I have my own way of doing things so I knew the fish weren’t gonna look like that, and I wanted to add more to it.

The final result for my version of the cake would be an 8 inch cake on bottom with a 6 inch cake on top and then the octopus on top of that….

Here is the cake I made


Almost the same but still a little different! I always have to put my own spin on it like adding the crushed graham crackers around the base to look like sand. I mean really no one likes a bragger but how f’in cute of an idea was that?! I did it for another underwater mermaid make I did too.


It’s a little blurry but that’s what most of the fish looked like and their cute wittle bubbles


Threw in a couple sea shells for fun, as well as starfish and some green seaweed. What’s nice about cakes like this is you can literally cover up any seams, which I love. I did the blue wave layer around both cakes and easily covered the seams with the green seaweed!


The back of the cake is just like the front, I like to carry the decorating all the way around so the cake can do a 360 and be decorated everywhere, not just the front.

You never know when a cake will be placed on a table in the middle of a room opposed to a table that’s against a wall… So I gotta cover all the bases! Some of the octopuses legs are curled up and some are dangled and draped over. Crazy octopus!


And I’ll end this with a picture of the cake without a flash. I’m trying to see how to photograph my cakes better.

I kind of want to buy one of these…..


I would be able to get really good lighting and have a nice white backdrop!

I convinced myself.. I’m buying it! What do you think?

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