Pretty in Pink: Welcome Baby Cake

I got a request to do a pink polka dot baby shower cake from a facebook friend, Brittany, who was at the party that my Alice in Wonderland cake was at. Her sister was having her baby shower and needed a cake.

Here was the inspiration cake, it is a screenshot from my phone and as you can see it is from the website

cake inspir

Very cute cake! She loved the colors and polka dots. I think this one is smooth frosted and she wanted fondant so I did that instead and just had the banner say “Welcome Baby”

Here is my version (Thank you to Brittany for this photo!):


A 10″ yellow cake on bottom, with a 6″ chocolate cake on top!


Here is what the cakes look like naked in just fondant, and not smoothed out. They really get cuter as the cake progresses, initially I’m usually like, “OMG should I redo these?” but it always works out in the end!


This cake used about 100 fondant pearl balls for the boarder!


To make these I…

 1.) Roll out white fondant

2.) then I cut out a bunch of circles with a circle cookie cutter (so the balls can kind of be the same size)

3.) then I roll those circles into balls

4.) let them sit out to harder a little and throw them in a ziplock bag

5.) add some Luster Dust (edible glitter) into the ziplock bag, shake around, and VOILA you have yourself fondant pearls.

I know theyre not all perfect round balls but really you would have an easier time nailing jello to a tree then getting perfectly round balls everytime. And the way I look at it… pearls arent even perfect round balls in real life either!! 😉


Legit almost 100 of these bad boys!


Making bows is seriously a staple in cake decorating. If you can make a fondant bow you can make any cake cute with it! I will post about how to make them later, it really is SUPER easy! I make them like this, or flatter smaller versions on cupcakes.


The ribbons on top were a last minute addition, initally I didnt want to put the ribbons but when I got home on Saturday night around 12:30am I had this need to add the ribbons, so I did. I like it much better with them!


So there it is! Welcome Baby cake complete and on display at the party 🙂

Does this inspire you to maybe try covering a cake in fondant? The more you practice the easier and easier it gets!

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