Minnie Mouse Cakes, Cupcakes, and even Cake Pops!

I got a request from Ms. Katie Nunez, soon to be Mrs. Katie Galto (check her out at http://ohheybabyblog.com You will die of cuteness from pictures of her daughter Olivia. You’ll even be jealous of her clothes, is that possible? Yes, yes it is) for a Minnie Mouse Themed cake, smash cake, and cupcakes.

She sent me a picture of a cake for inspiration that basically looked the same as the one I made

Here is how it turned out


That is a 10″ cake on bottom with an 8″ cake on top!

I ended up just buying Mickey Mouse cookie cutters in a 3 size package because I knew I would eventually use them again!


I remember being nervous to cover the top cake in red fondant because it has so much dye in it that its always so sticky and tears easily. Thankfully it came out just right!


Then I made a smash cake to look like a Minnie Mouse hat that you would get at Disney World (you ALL wore one at one point and time in your life! Don’t deny it!)


And of course on the back…..


Her name! Just like how they embroider them at the good old Land of Disney!

Next, we have some Minnie cake pops. these are the most intense cake pops I’ve ever made ever!005

Fondant bows on the top!


Look at all of them! I think I did 20 of these and 20 plain cute ones!



Now that’s a line up!


Katie made this cute cake pop stand, with what looks like a spray painted foam tree from Michaels! Very cute!

The second round of Minnie inspired caking ive done was for this cutie Ella. My good friend Marias Daughter!!!! She needed 48 Minnie cupcakes!



24 of them were simple sprinkled cupcakes and the other 24 were Minnie Mouse.

Who DOESNT love Minnie Mouse?!?!



One of the cutest Minnies you ever did see!

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