Organize, Don’t Agonize!

For my Mothers Birthday this past year, I really wanted to surprise her with something. She is a neat freak.

Almost  Definitely OCD.

I knew what I wanted to do… Organize her medicine cabinet. Honestly, I did not take before pictures (this was before the idea of a blog ever crossed my mind) But just imagine a 3 shelved closet with stuff EVERYWHERE! And everything inside old cabinet dividers. I think my mom just never thought it was possible to really organize it all effectively.

I found all kinds of stuff everywhere. Alot of old expired medicine. THROW OUT OLD EXPIRED MEDICINE PEOPLE! I even as far as to write in blue sharpie marker on all of the pain med bottles with their expiration date.

I found things for the dogs in 4 different places. There. was. stuff. everywhere!

I started this with making lists. What did we have in our cabinet that could be grouped together?

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Nose, Ears, Eyes
  2. Stomach and Heartburn Relief
  3. Pain Relief
  4. Ointments and Thermometers
  5. Cold and Sleep Medicine
  6. Hair products
  7. Bath and Misc.
  8. First Aid
  9. Grandmas Stuff
  10. Nail supplies
  11. Sunscreen  and other suncare products
  12. Hotel toiletries (my mom has some weird obsession)
  13. Girl Stuff
  14. Face stuff

(The dog stuff ended up being put in a container in a whole separate cabinet)

I went to the dollar store and bought somewhere around 16-18 containers in all different sizes for like $20! Everything is legit $1 at this Dollar Store. Awesome! Got them all in blue since its my Moms favorite color

…..Here’s how I was able to organize it…..


I also got two cute mason jars for the cotton balls and Q-Tips.

Oh and I filed this under Girl Stuff because I’m pretty sure no men enjoy organizing a medicine cabinet. Or maybe I’m just sexist 😉

Sometimes I just stare at it. Its all so organized and neat now. Just like I like it!

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