Mini Pallet Coasters! DIY

I’m going to a housewarming party and wanted to bring a gift so I decided to make pallet coasters!

Let me just get this out of the way now since I explained these to my sister and she had no idea was a pallet even was?!


That’s a pallet. You know, the things that are used to carry food or products on while delivering it to stores! Places like Jewel or Target have these in the back usually and sometimes you can get them for free, so a lot of DIYers make things out of them. But forget those because I’m making mini ones! Which will be used as drink coasters!

I got the idea from searching “housewarming gift ideas” on Pinterest and a little picture of it came up attached to this blog I just loved how they looked! I pretty much followed that tutorial only I added a stick down the center like a real pallet and added the felt bottoms.

Its really easy all you need is:


1.) The little white square has circle felt stickies for the bottom of the coasters.
2.) hot glue gun
3.) or gorilla glue (or both like I used)
4.) wood stain
5.) Popsicle sticks (already stained in this picture)
6.) paint brush or rag to apply stain
7.) and a knife to cut the rounded edges off

First I needed to get the stain because I didn’t have any and I knew I didn’t want a huge expensive can. So I got this little baby one from Home Depot. Walking into Home Depot is always so weird and awkward. All of the men in there think its their store and don’t understand what you’re doing in there by yourself.


I picked any color because there were so many and I started to really compare and analyze so I just grabbed this and went on my merry way.

Then I just cut the tips off of the ends of every Popsicle stick to look like pallet boards.

Just do a quick swipe of stain over all of them, front back and sides.

Staining just makes them look so much cooler!

Heres the normal unstained sticks:


Just blah. Then stain them:


And you get these glorious dark beauties. Don’t they kind of look like amazing hardwood floors almost?

Now you’re ready to build them. Start stacking them like so… I used a little bit of hot glue to set the base of it first, and then went over it a little with gorilla glue for extra support.


That’s the base. Now we just lay the stick across the top. These I only secured with gorilla glue, and set a glass on top of it to let it dry


Tip: Gorilla Glue adheres better when it’s what they call “clamped”. But since I can’t clamp these to put pressure, I just arranged the sticks then set a glass filled with some water on top to push the sticks down.

Tip: Gorilla Glue is activated by water, so I took a paint brush, dunked it in water, and dragged it across where the gorilla glue is being put

After all the sticks are put on top and it dries… Here’s how it looks!


Then just add the little circular felt bottoms….


And voila!


I just love anything mini! Everything is cute when you make it 100x smaller then what it is!



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