Thumbs, Marvin the Martian, and a Naughty Bachelorette Cake!

Today is Sunday. I personally think Sunday is the worst day of the week, even worse then Monday. Because its the end of the weekend, and it means the next day is work. WAH! I just want everyday to be Saturday, 80 degrees, and sunny. That would be ahhhhmazing. But I’d have better luck nailing Jell-O to tree then having that dream come true.

This weekend I had 3 cake orders to fulfill. I usually don’t agree to 3 in one weekend because its just too much for me to do. Especially by myself! I pretty much worked on them the whole weekend.

I’m such a list maker though so that helps me keep track of everything. I figure everything out on Monday for what needs to be done throughout the week, then I execute.

First up was a simple smooth iced 10″ cake. It was for a women’s daughter who just got engaged. She said they’re high school sweethearts, awwww. Probably one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever been asked to do!


She requested thumbprints together in a heart shape, so I just cut out the heart shape and drew some lines like a thumbprint would look like with a red edible marker! The things people request for cakes is so random sometimes but I love it 🙂

Next up was a Marvin the Martian cake for my best friend Becca’s older sister Sarah. It was for a surprise 30th birthday party/housewarming party and her hubby Rob came up with the cake idea.

I knew I had to make a little fondant Marvin. So that was step one and I started it on Tuesday.

To make Marvin I started with a black ball of fondant


Then I rolled out some green fondant for his helmet and some white fondant for eyes


Then I made the cute little brush for the top of his head. I put it on a toothpick to stick in his head so it would stay on. Toothpicks and fondant decorations go hand in hand.


I do everything involving fondant on these silicone mats I have. They. Are. Amazing! Most tutorial videos you watch working with fondant people usually do it all on a table sprinkled with flour or powdered sugar to avoid sticking and I just wonder “why the f don’t they just get a silicone mat?!” Literally nothing sticks to it!

And there he is! Little armless Marvin!


I didn’t add the arms until the day of because he had to be holding a gun and it just made sense to wait to add that.



There’s the completed cake 🙂 Marvin the Martian in all his glory.

And lastly…..

Cake number 3!……

Was for a bachelorette party!!!! So I think you know where this is going…

If you’re easily offended then maybe just keep scrolling and pass it up… But if you’re awesome, funny, have a good sense of humor, and are all around a fun person then you will enjoy this.


I don’t want to offend anyone! So look away if you must!!

Here is the first penis cake I have ever made lol


How awesome is it?! Haha

She said do whatever I wanted but all she requested was the fingers, the quote, and the bow.


I hope the bride to be enjoyed her cake!!

So that was my weekend! Combined with a couple parties, and going out on Saturday to sum it all up!

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