Store Bought No More: The Art of Cardmaking

Card making… Americas favorite past time!

Totally kidding, I’m sure hardly anyone ever makes their own cards.

I think one of the main reasons I enjoy making and giving a homemade card is because of my Mom. For any holiday involving her and a need for a card… it had to be homemade. My sister would agree with me on this. It was like buying a card and handing that to our Mom was just an act of shame. You spent no time on that card besides the 5 minutes (and thats a long hard search) you spent combing the “Funny- Happy Birthday Mom” aisle of the card section at Walgreens. It showed a sign of thoughtlessness, especially when your sister hands over a homemade one and you give a store bought one. For some reason my Mom just truly appreciates a nice handmade card and she still has every single one we have ever made her. Some were a little more blah then others but thats not the point 😉

Then, my ecraft knocked on the front door and I let her in.


This machine comes in 4 colors blue, pink, purple, and white. I love purple but I went with pink!

I just LOVE this thing. Its just like a cricut… only a little different. It cuts shapes, words, designs, animals etc virtually anything!! I went with this machine because it was a soild $200, the cricut I wanted was a little pricier. The machine comes with about 100 basic designs on a preloaded sim card. You can buy other sim cards for the machine with designs on them, or you can download the software CD that comes with the machine, and connect your ecraft to your computer using the USB cable. You can cut any fonts from Microsoft Word using the machine this way! Thats pretty sweet 🙂


Thats her, chillin in my craft corner.

Most other dye cutting machines require these sticky silicone mats that you press your paper onto and feed into the machine to keep the paper from moving. One can easily fly through them and they lose their stickiness, and you have to buy another. The nice thing about the ecraft is that it is matless. It has these tabs that hold the paper in place, instead of a mat. I like to run all of my paper through with a sheet of cardboard (one from the back of a cardstock pad) just to give it extra support. Yes, sometimes you want to cut out a princess crown and it comes out looking like someone stomped it, but that happens every so often with any machine. Its all about blade pressure and speed! Once you figure those out, your gold.

Just Making Some Cards!

There I am making a card for Dereks parents, thanking them for giving me an AMAZING Singer Sewing Machine. Please notice my shirt. Thats a picture of Sam taken on my iPad using one of those face distorters. She seriously looked like a human thumb so I got it put on a tshirt. I love that shirt. It just makes me laugh every time I wear it.

On the table you can see most of the supplies I use while making cards, which I will talk about in this post 🙂


I seriously use my eCraft as often as I can. I use it for cards, making cake toppers, and when I made my fake capiz shell chandelier (this baby cut me out over 100 circles like nothing). I always say if were a machine I’d be this one. It cuts out cute stuff and its pink. Thats everything to me!!


 To made the heart look 3d, I just put a vevlet circle sticky down and glued another heart over it.


Another useful tool in cardmaking is any basic paper cutter. I use this one by cricut. It cuts super straight lines and has ruler on it for easy measure.


The inside of this card had the same look on the inside as well. The main cardstock paper is a deep purple with an aqua blue on top.


This is a Scotch ATG Gun. I. Love. This. Thing. Its just a constant line of sticky double sided tape. Its just a matter of pressing the button, gliding the tape along, and sticking your paper down. This thing REALLY sticks, like once the paper is on… its on.


Thats an invitation I made when we had my Mom’s Surprise Retirement Party. I loved the bow on top!


These craft scissors are also a staple in anything involving paper.

They just cutsey up plain lines, and whats nice is you really dont have to stress over cutting straight across with these.


A Thank You Card I made for my sister to give to her last internship site.

She told them she made it. I saw that coming lol


Happy Birthday card for my Mom. Im not joking, all we do is make this women homemade cards!!


 The inside had a cute mom quote and some stickers 🙂

Sorry these pictures are so bad, the iphone 4 isnt what it once was compared the the newest cameras on cell phones 😦

I really gotta step my game up!!

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