Thrift Store Redo: Ironing Board 2.0

I love thrift stores.

I love browsing the aisles of thrift stores.

I love finding cool stuff and buying it for cheap.

Theres a pretty good one by my work called Unique. Its the same place I got The Jewerly Box  from that I gave new life to 🙂

I dislike when people are grossed out by thrift stores. Yes, they smell a little funny, you might see some strange people in there, and things might look a little dirty… but no one is asking you to lick the floors and marry the cashier! Seriously go into a thrift store and believe me you WILL find something that catches your eye. So many hidden gems.

On my last voyage, I came across this baby table top ironing board

        photo (4)

At first I was like, “Awwwwwwwww!! Its mini and cute!!” even with the terrible blue cover. But I saw past that ugly dull blue. I knew it could be more. It had these awesome flip out feet to elevate it, and a thin piece of foam under the blue cover that was still in good condition.

Even better? It was $3.99, and it had the blue colored sticker that reduced it by 33% so I got it for around $2.75!

What What!

Ironing Board

I recently got a Singer Sewing Machine and just from working on a couple sewing projects I realized I need an ironing board, but the big huge one is annoying to lug around the house

*Insert Cute Mini One*

It sat in my room for a week and then I decided it was time to work on it. I had no fabric on hand, so that was my first issue. What I did have though were tons of flat sheets from multiple bed-in-a-bags that I never use (who actually uses those flat sheets though?)

I found this cute one!

Cute Grey Zebra Print Fabric!

It was perfect beause I didnt want any crazy colored print but I definitely wanted a print of some sort, so this was perfect.

Then, I took the nasty blue cover off of the ironing board and laid it down on my fabric.

image (18)

I just cut around it leaving about 4 inches just for good measure.

image (17)

I didnt want to get all professional about it and sew a stretchy band to the outside of the fabric to make it removeable because to be honest I dont plan on changing the fabric, and if I do Ill just restaple some new fabric on top of this one…. that was me planning ahead.

In steps my handy dandy staple gun.

Staple Gun Lovin

Thats the one I own and I love it. It has enough power behind it to drive staples into almost anything Ive needed it for, but its not strong enough where it blows me away and I cant work with it accuratly. I got it off amazon for $20.

Here it was after I finished wrapping it in fabric and stapling, which made it look 50x better!:

image (15)

Then I decided I wanted to add a little something extra. Give the ironing board a cute black ruffled boarder!

(Sorry for the bad pic!)

(Sorry for the bad pic!)

And of course it was a wired one so I had to pull out all of the wiring in it, which is always soooooo fun… not!!

Theres that the annoying ball of wire!!

I laid it down around the ironing board and started bunching it up and stapling it away

image (11)

It was looking cute when I flipped it over for a peak, so I just went for it!

image (10)

Heres what the bottom of the ironing board looked like when I was done. Its maybe not the cutest, but who looks at the bottom?! No one! And really, I cannot take an ironing board that seriously.

*Ironing reminds me of laundry and I despise laundry*

There was no way I was wasting time sewing it to make it able to come on and off. And my sewing is not 100% either (I start a sewing class in September like a little old lady!!!)

This was fine with me 🙂

image (9)

Heres what she looked like in the end….

image (8)

The ruffles just made it girly and cute… even more girly then the light grey zebra print. I love it!!!

image (7)

This was a really easy project that gave a makeover to an ugly little ironing board, and turned it into prom queen.

….all for only $2.75!

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