2 Cakes You Just Wont Get Unless You Have Kids ;)

Sometimes I get requests for cakes and I’m like… “What the heck are you talking about?”

Yo Gabba Gabba, Lalaloopsy, Bubble Guppies, Mike the Knight… all new to me! But I will still execute nonetheless but not until I do a little research first.

Bubble Guppies: These are little mermaid children. They obviously reside underwater and theres about 5 or 6 characters. I couldnt just make 1 or 2 so I went for the whole shebang and did as many as I could.


This is an 8″ cake on bottom with a 6″ cake on top.

Handmade fondant characters are easier when theyre flat like these! So I was able to make all of the little mermaid children



This is another cake that I crushed graham crackers for to make sand around the boarder. I just feel like it gives it a nice touch! And covers those BLAH cake boards right up!



I made some seaweed, coral, starfish, and seashells to give it more of an underwater theme!


The #2 topper was cut out with my eCraft dye cutter! I just had my ecraft cut out two of them, I used double sided tape to stick them together, and put a toothpick inbetween!

The next childrens show themed cake: MIKE THE KNIGHT!

This cake was for Cameron’s 3rd birthday! I have now done 3 cakes for all 3 years for him!

image (30)

There he is!! He is so cool.

That picture was taken at Pandora when we got our friend Heather her bracelet from us girls! I knew the charm I wanted to get for her even before we got there.. therefore I took over child patrol!

Can you guess the charm I got her?! The Cupcake one of course!


His party was at Enchanted Castle, so the cake fit VERY well with the theme of the place 🙂

image (32)

They give out these cute crowns so of course I had to put one on!

image (34)

As you can see, the picture on my iPad is the cake I made mine based off of, sent by me from my friend Sam, the mama of Cameron. You cant tell, but I changed a couple things up a bit.


Mike the Knight leanin’ up on his own cake like a boss!


The grass and the stone windows went all the way around like I like it! 360 degree cakes are my fav, so theyre cute and make sense at any angle!


The dragon was my hardest task with this cake.

I should’ve used gumpaste (gumpaste hardens up nicely) but instead I used all fondant which doesnt harden up as easily. This was before my Rice Krispy days. Had I known what I do now… I wouldve used Rice Krispies covered in fondant.

His head kept sloching so I shoved some toothpicks in there and that was the cure.


This was one of my first hardcore cakes! I loved it!

image (35)

I tried to make the door look as much like wood as possible. Ran some black edible marker lightly over them, and used a toothpick to rough it up a bit.

image (36)

Theres the Birthday Boy blowing out the candles!

His hair isnt actually blue, the Instagram filter and table cloth helped that awesomeness out!

Kids and cakes go hand in hand!


Speaking of kids… heres my baby playing with her new toy in her birthday dress!

2 thoughts on “2 Cakes You Just Wont Get Unless You Have Kids ;)

  1. HI! Love the Bubble Guppies cake! I actually have to make one myself and have been going nuts on figuring out how to make the characters… I know making them flat is going to be easiest, but did you cut out each shape and trace it onto the fondant? or did you use a different method? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    alex 🙂

    • Hello Alex! I just had my iPad set up with a picture of the character I was working on, and I just eye balled it. I first made the outline of the character in the skin color, then I cut out the hair, attached it to the cut out, made the eyes, attached it to the cut out, made the mermaid fin, attached it to the cutout etc! It took me a good 2 hours to do all 5 characters thats for sure! Good luck with the cake! If you have any other questions let me know 🙂

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