Paint Like Bob Ross is Watching

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” – Bob Ross

“Who’s Bob Ross?” you ask.. you know exactly who he is!

bob ross

I’ve seen someone dressed as him for Halloween once, so amazing.

On Saturday Mike and I had a little date night. We really like going out to eat. Its basically one of the biggest things we bond over. Usually if we pick a place to go earlier in the week we spend the following days reading the menu and going back and fourth with what we want to get. We have a serious problem, like a minor food addiction.

While walking around through downtown La Grange, we noticed they had these hand painted wooden bag boxes attached to every light post (you know, the game where you throw small bean bags into a wooden box with a hole playing against another team. We call it bags, others call it Corn in the Hole) Some were seriously awesome! People paint them and they get auctioned off. In front of Coldstone there was a cute ice cream inspired one!

Here are some pictures I found online of some of them:



For more information on how to get these check out this link: to the La Grange website. Looks like September 6th is the day its all going down!

I think you know where this post is headed!

Today I will show off some some paintings I’ve done! I’m no Bob Ross but I do dabble in the art of painting 🙂 just for fun of course.


This was one of my first 4 canvas paintings I’ve done. I made it for my room.

It’s very rookie, but hey! Gotta start somewhere!


The Dolce and Gabbana one was later replaced with this Hello Kitty painting I did…

They no longer reside on my wall since these are like 3 1/2 years old, but I still have all of them!

image (21)

This painting I made for my cousin Stacys baby. I made it to go with our gift for her baby shower!

The sky is ombre which I loved.


This painting I made for my Mother. These are all of the colors in our kitchen. It’s actually a tiny painting, I think the canvas is only about 8 inches long.


This picture is not the best, but its another painting I made a while ago. This was for Mike. He loves anything Jordan so I made this for him for his room.


Go Hawks! Stanley Cup champs in 2010 and 2013! I basically wouldnt even know that if I didnt have Facebook or Mike as my boyfriend. I’m not a big sports fan and I don’t pretend to be. I like going to sporting events mainly for the food, beer, and the atmosphere.

I made this one for my friend Calli. She wanted to give it to Bryan, her boyfriend! This was on a 20×24 inch canvas I believe!

That’s it hanging up on his wall, shout out to Bryan for taking this picture and sending it to me, as I did not have one, of course!


Another one I did for my bestie Calli 🙂

Very similar to the first 4 canvas picture, only Calli LOVES Barbie, so she requested a vintage Barbie silhouette as one of them. As you can see my painting has improved since the first one. The letters are alot neater.

Chicago Sports

And lastly, another 4 canvas painting, this one is sports themed.

I think I’ve made almost 3 sets of these now. People dig their Chicago sports.. what can I say?!

Out of all of them the Hawks logo is definitely the most diffcult


And no, I have never made a Cubs one. Mike might break up with me if I do 😉

image (39)

These are 3 canvases I painted for my room.

I am obviously lacking a headboard so I made these to give a headboard feel.

They’re all ombre, and done with a foam pouncer dipped in acylic paint. Heres a snippet of how I made them:


You’re going to need:

  • Foam pouncers like these by Martha Stewart or any other similiar brand
  • Canvases
  • Painters tape
  • Paint in one dark color and one in white
  • Something to put your paint on like a plastic throw away plate

1.) First I used painters tape to make a boarder around the canvases. Theyre all seperate but have one frame boarder around all 3, to give the look that they all go together.

2.) Start with alot of black paint on a plastic plate or whatever you may use, and use your foam pouncer to dab about 3 inches down on your canvas of just black paint. Don’t be too crazy about filling in every little hole with paint.

3.)  Now, add some white to your black paint (not too much, but enough for a color change) do another 3 inches down of that color.

4.) Continue the process of adding white until you reach the bottom of the canvas for a nice ombre effect.

5.) Remove painters tape from boarder once it’s all dry

*It’s best to do all of the canvases at the same time so you’re getting the same flow of colors from bottom to top on each one*

And you’re done! Nice cheap homemade art to hang on your walls!

Since I like to end my posts with a picture of my doggies…. I just HAD to dig this photo up! It fits perfectly with the theme of this post!

My friend Kathy does these AMAZING canvas paintings of dogs (and even people… yea shes that good!)

my babies!

When I saw her post some pictures on Facebook of other dogs she has painted I just knew I needed one done. Its on a 20×20 inch canvas. The top is the photo I sent her and the bottom is her painting. I love this so much I can’t even explain it. She needs a blog ASAP to document these things and her fabulous hair skills she has! I love that she got Tootsies big ears and Benny’s fluffiness just right!

Anyone feeling inspired to paint?!

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