A Slice of Cake Never Made Anyone Fat!

Today is a simple post on a simple topic: HOW TO CUT A CAKE!

I can hear you now “Um, I know how to cut a cake” but do you?

I’ve found that most people just cut into a cake like they would a pie, but that just ain’t right! A cake needs to be able to serve enough people and that kind of pie-cutting-technique just doesn’t cut it! No pun intended 🙂

I strangely found this method out at Enchanted Castle. The place Cameron had his 3rd birthday at and I made the Mike the Knight Cake for! The employees there must cut and serve any cakes that are brought in. At first I was like, “Nooooo she is savagely cutting into the cake that took me 3 hours to assemble!” but then I watched in amazement, and took notes. After secretly tearing up seeing the fondant dragon be tossed in the garbage, but that’s neither here nor there! Lets cut a cake people!

This cake was made for this blog post, therefore it was frosted quickly and has no middle layer. It wasn’t being served to anyone and was only for educational purposes… so please hold back your judgment 🙂


It’s a 10 inch cake. I usually say this feeds about 20 people, lets put my estimation to the test.

Its frosted in yellow, with a #3 stencil put down and sprinkles poured on top. Just to give it a little somethin’ somethin’ for this tutorial.

No one said its pretty alright?! 🙂


I used a steak knife. Just to show you don’t need some weird fancy cake knife to do this.


First, start by cutting a big circle in the middle. Try and make it as even on all the sides as possible but no need to get crazy about it. On a 10″ cake, a 5″ circle in the middle should be good.


Now, were going to take our knife and cut along the outside like so


Keep cutting!


Cut it up like this, or serve as you go. Either way you’ll get the same result.



Keep serving those slices!


Now were left with this little circle in the middle.


Cut down the center of it


Then down the center the other way, making a cross.


Continue the typical pie cut for the entire center.

and VOILA! The entire cake is now cut and served.


I laid all of the slices on parchment paper to show how many I got with a 10″ cake!

Again, this cake would normally have a middle layer but I only made it to show how to cut it, so typically these slices would have a center of frosting as well.

My original estimation was 20 slices…. and I ended up with 31! These are pretty good slices too!


Here’s a slice on my hand to scale! They’re thick too, about 2- 2 1/2 inches I’d say!


And there you have it! a 10″ cake serves roughly 30 people depending on slice size! Seriously, next time you’re faced with the dreaded task of cake cutting, do it this way and it will never let you down!

Hope this was helpful! Now go have your cake and eat it to!

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