Hillbilly Fondue

Yes, you read that correctly… Hillbilly Fondue! My sister came up with the name for it being the funny girl she is. My mom found out this little trick a couple weeks ago when she was craving chocolate but didn’t want to over indulge.

This very well may be a well known thing I’m not sure but I had never heard of doing this so I thought I’d post about it!

Hillbilly fondue is very easy to make. All it is is melted Nutella!

Seriously it’s so delicious! We like to use strawberries to dip!


Cut up some strawberries…


Put some Nutella in a microwave safe bowl…


Stick it in the microwave, we always put that plastic cover on top to avoid a mess, although this shouldn’t make one!


Start with 10 seconds….

Then mix it a little

Pop it in for another 10 seconds

Mix it a little

And do one more 10 second trip in the microwave if you’d like it extra melted!

30 seconds max! And NOT ALL AT ONCE! Definitely do 10 second intervals


Then you’ll have melted Nutella goodness!


Get those strawberries ready for their chocolate bath


Soooooo good!!!!! It seriously melts perfectly! And stays in that melted state for a long time!


Yummmmmm everyone please go and try this now! It hits the spot and with strawberries it can’t be thhhhhhattttt unhealthy right?!

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