Caviar Nails Ooo La La

Nails are my favorite and least favorite thing to worry about. I really don’t enjoy painting them, but I love when they are painted. So, like every other woman I am forced into this life of painting my nails and seeing them be ruined in less than a day. Maintenance. Constantly. I mean really they chip after I eat a meal, it’s ridiculous. But nonetheless… Yay! Caviar nails!

My good friend Maria was pinning the hell out of caviar nails, then she told me how she got some of the micro beads for it at Michael’s for $7.99! Compared to Sephora wanting like $16.99! Say whhhhatttt?!

Off to Michaels I went.

 Here is the pack I got:


But they also come in the other color pack, on the righthand side. Maria sent this picture of both packs that she got, I only got the one on the left since the other one was not in stock!

I do LOVE that black, silver, copper etc combo!

I decided to paint my nails a minty lime green and accent my ring fingers with some green beads! I am going to the Green Tie Ball with my friend Calli. It’s a huge Gala held every year in Chicago to help fundraise for Gateway Greens Expressway Partnership program which helps maintain Chicago’s beautiful landscapes along the expressways. The dress code is black and green, so in honor I am painting my nails to go with the code 😉


This is the color combo I went with!

Application is quite simple, I used these three bottles of polish.

1.) Use a base coat if you have one handy

image (1)

I used my sisters Orly Rubberized Base Coat, it gives your nails an actual rubber feeling. Maybe this helps keep the polish on longer, who actually knows. It’s like a primer so why not use it if it might help your nails stay fresh a little longer.

2.) Then paint your nails with your polish color of choice. I used a minty lime green color by Color Club in London Calling. I got this polish in my BirchBox a few months ago. I love it, and it’s really pigmented.

3.) When you get to your ring finger  (or whichever finger you want the caviar -micro beads- to go on), you want to apply your polish then immediately apply your beads while your nail is still wet. I tried applying it both ways: pouring it onto the wet nail, or pressing the wet nail into the beads.

I preferred pouring it on. It seems like it was easier, cleaner, and way less messy looking on the actual nail. The container that the beads are in have an opening like this so it makes it easy to do.

image (2)

You want to pour it on your wet nail over something such as a small bowl:

image (3)

This helps to catch the beads that fall. Then I just transferred the extra beads onto a sheet of paper and poured it back into the little holder.

image (6)

Then we’re left with a cute caviar beaded nail!

4.) And don’t forget the top coat! This helps to lock all those beads down to make them not fall off as easily.

image (4)

Again, I just used whatever top coat my sister had 🙂

image (5)

How cute is it!? I love that its textured.

image (7)

And here are my friend Maria’s nails with her Caviar version:

She used gold Micro Beads… LOVE!!!!! I love gold. Anything gold! Now I must go back to Michaels on Tuesday when they restock (yes I do weirdly know that) and get the other pack of colors!


a couple beads fell off while I was at work today. I had the beads with me but not the nail polish. So, in my desk at work I found some nail glue

This nail glue really holds these suckers on! I might try to do the entire nail using this next time and see how that works!

Let me know any techniques you guys come up with 🙂

Awww Tootsie must be sad that she can’t have Caviar Nails!

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