My Weekend Cake Order: Elephants!

This weekend I only have 1 cake order to fulfill for my friend Jasmin. Her boyfriend Jorges mother was turning the big 5-0!

So naturally they need a cake! Because without a cake it’s just a meeting!

Jas requested a 10″ plain frosted cake, 24 cupcakes and an elephant theme. This will be my first elephant order 🙂 looking through pictures on Google, I noticed a lot of elephant cakes and cupcakes look very baby-ish. Therefore, this cake and the cupcakes will be all black white and gray. Adding any color such as pink automatically makes it look like it’s for an 8-year-old, so were keeping it classy here!

I started earlier in the week with making the fondant decorations. I love that I can do this a few days a head of time or else I would probably definitely go crazy!

I needed 12 elephant heads for half of the cupcakes, and I made 6 extra in case I wanted to surround the outside of the cake with them.


I started with 3 circles using a 1m Wilton tip


I used this tool on two of the circles to kind of flare out the “ears” of the elephant


I placed them together like this, using a LITTLE bit of water as glue


Cut this shape out of my fondant with a knife for the truck


Placed it on the center circle and turned to truck upwards


and dotted two eyes with my black edible marker


And repeat that 17 more times!

I also decided to make 12 “50’s” for the remaining 12 sprinkled cupcakes (Jasmin’s my good friend so I went the extra 1/4 of a mile -lol-) and one big “50” for the top of the 10″ cake.


For the 50’s that were going on the cupcakes I used my handy-dandy mini alphabet cookie cutters. The “S” and “O” were perfect for it. This made it so much easier to do. Just cut out, and shape! If you are OCD like me, you might catch yourself spending 10 minutes on one “5” because it keeps looking like an “S” in your mind, when really it clearly looks like a 5! I need to learn to step away and let it go! Or get a second opinion from your Mom because Mom’s are always honest and right 🙂


For the top of the cake I made a larger “50” on top of white fondant with a square gray boarder since I plan to frost the cake in white frosting. The elephants are obviously gray as well so the frosting couldn’t be gray or it wouldn’t look right in my eyes!

And now all of my fondant decorations are complete so the day of it will just be matter of frosting the cake and cupcakes and adding the fondant details. Anything to make life a little easier 🙂

Don’t forget to always cover your fondant decorations in cling wrap so they don’t dry out!

Oh, hey there Benjamin!!!


Everyone pray for this little cutie as he has the worst allergies in the whole world and has been permanently coned for a while now due to excessive itching and scratching and biting 😦 Here he is before this crazy allergy attack 😦

Check back on Saturday to see my blog post on how this elephant order turns out, and how I frosted the cake as I will be trying out a new technique!

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