Lucky Elephant Surprise Party!!

Happy Sunday!

I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday because I live such a busy life! Just kidding! But yesterday was fun busy! I made this cake and cupcakes then went to a Northwestern Football game with my sister, her boyfriend Derek, and Mike. Derek went there for his Masters and was a Graduate Assistant working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the football team so he’s basically a mini celebrity there and got tickets from this man for his Stadium Club Seats! Amazing!

We had free food and beer all night and had amazing seats! It was so so so cool!




Aren’t we just so cute 😉

We had so much fun and Northwestern won woohoo!

Now back to the caking!

The cake to go with the elephant cupcakes was just going to be smooth frosted. I wanted to try out a new technique I saw on Pinterest a few times, it’s called scalloping. I thought I’d start simple and just do it around the boarder of the cake.

Here’s how it’s done:

image (8)

I used my Wilton number 10 tip

image (9)

and an offset spatula


Start by making 3 (or 4 or 5) dots of frosting


Then take your offset spatula (I just prefer the offset one personally) and drag the frosting


This is what you’ll get after you drag the frosting. Repeat for the rest of the dots of frosting, and do it around the entire cake. The end “seam” can be covered with a decoration piece of just left as 3 plain dots without it looking weird


I star tipped the top and bottom boarder of the cake, placed the 50 on top, and 6 elephants around the sides.


Kept the cake simple and classy!


Then I just frosted the cupcakes and popped on the toppers I made for them!



24 cutesy cupcakes!


I loved the elephants on the cupcakes the best 🙂


Jasmin sent me this picture of it all set up at the surprise party! She said Jorge’s mom was sooooo surprised and had no idea! She even cried! Awwww


There’s the birthday girl! I almost don’t even believe she’s 50! She looks too goodSMS


And of course a picture of my baby with her elephant toy that she loves so dearly

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