Bachelorette Party Corset Cake and Cake Pops!

Over the weekend I worked on a couple cakes and even some cake pops! My cousin TJ’s girlfriend Alex had asked me to make 40 cake pops and a corset boobie cake for her sisters bachelorette party! Fun!

For the cake pops I did 20 plain sprinkled and 20 decorated to look like butts with thongs on them. I was a little nervous for those and they definitely took a while to make but they came out cute!

Lets start with the cake!

I baked 2 sphere cakes for the boobs and 1 12×18 for the body

I iced the middle and the outside and was like “Alright! Time for the fondant!”……


Then I realized I wasn’t making SpongeBob with tits.

I forgot to trim the sides. So annoying!!!!!!! I legit thought I was going to punch myself in the head I was so mad that I forgot to trim before icing it because its such a messy job to fix with all the icing everywhere but I trucked though it and did this:


Alright that’s more like! SpongeBob no more!

Some pink and black fondant later…………………….


TADA!!!! Boobie cake! How cute did it turn out? Not gonna lie I was a bit nervous while making it. I nit pick everything and have several mini break downs but it always turns out alright in the end.





Go big or go home I guess?


Then there the cake pops!


Little thong butts!


Pink and Black was the theme here!


I picked up the cute pink ribbon from Michaels. It reminded me of a corset kinda! And it was only 50 cents a roll!


My sister gave me the idea to draw little butt lines on the back of some of them. LOL so funny. I loved that extra little touch!


Then I place them all in the box, and added some hot pink tissue paper to stay with the color scheme!


I kinda liked that the bride wasn’t into the typical “penis themed bachelorette party” and went down the sexy route instead! Still fun and cute and girly! My three favorite things!

What do you guys think of the cake and cake pops? I hope everyone likes them as much as I did 🙂 especially the Bride-To-Be!

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