Mason Jar Gifts!

My girlfriends Anne and Maria have birthdays 1 day apart! Therefore I decided to make them Mason Jar gifts!

I love Mason Jars… they’re so timeless and cute. I went to the store and picked up some things to fill them up with and decided to keep it all basically the same for both of them… no fights ladies 😉


I started with printing their names out to put on the top, then used my eCraft to cut out 2 inch circles, ain’t nobody got time to do that by hand.


Then I tied some ribbon around the top.


Here is what I filled them with:

Nail polish



Pack of gum

$12.00 for a martini (were going out to a martini bar for their birthday to celebrate and that is where I am giving them these little gifts. The martinis there are $12 and worth every dollar!)

and 6 Reeses each as a filler for the bottom.


I didn’t want to just throw cash in the jar. That seems a little tacky and they might’ve even thought… “Why $12, that’s random!” So I looked in my sticker collection and found 2 cute martini stickers! I wrapped some paper around the money and just added the stickers to the front!


Found some crumbled tissue paper laying out the house


Ripped it up and crumbled into smaller pieces (this makes it fall to the bottom better and it makes it so the tissue paper doesn’t cover any of the items inside the mason jar)


Throw in your tissue paper and your filler item like the Reeses I chose (theyre my favorite candy lol so I picked those)


Arrange the rest of your items inside the jar. I tried to make them look cute for the outside.


I wrote a little note to them and put it inside facing towards the back


and VOILA Mason Jar Gifts!



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