Welcome Lil’ Slugger!

So many cakes and cake pops this weekend!!

This was the last cake that I had to complete on Saturday. A baby shower cake!

Earlier in the week I made these fondant decorations for the cake:


If you’re from Chicago then you know the whole Cubs vs. Sox thing. Well my boyfriend Mike is a Sox fan. I knew a comment on this hat with the Cubs logo was coming!


Many might not know… but building a tiered cake is a lot more than just placing one cake on top of the other cake and calling it a day.

You  must level the cakes perfectly, then fill with frosting, cover in a light coat of frosting, add the fondant, then measure your dowels as accurately as possible for the other cake to go on top. The weight of the top cake NEEDS to be supported so the bottom cake doesnt crush under the weight.

Fondant cakes are HEAVY. This 8″ 10″ cake was at least 20 pounds.

Therefore, cakes get doweled on the bottom (I personally use Bubble Tea Straws for dowels. I used to use wooden dowels, but cutting them was so difficult and I feel these bubble tea straws just work better since the cake goes inside the straws instead of the wooden dowels pushing through the cake… if that makes any sense!) then the top cake gets placed on a cake board and that cakeboarded (not a word) cake goes on top of the dowels.

This cake took me 4 hours to complete. It is time-consuming, people 🙂


Here is the cake without any of the sports decorations yet, still cute but very plain!


The decorations are now added….

and a little crushed graham crackers for sand!


I really loved this little hat!


Crushed graham cracker around the bottom for some more sand effect 🙂


The little fondant balls I stuck in with toothpicks.



And there is the finished product!


I loved the 3D baseballs on the cake!


Such a cute baby shower theme 🙂

And that concludes my weekend of caking!

Now onto planning this weeks cakes!


Here’s a picture of Benny in one of Tootsies TuTu Dresses. Just for laughs lol. He really looks like a little girl in it!!!

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