Sprucing Up Some Thrift Store Finds

I frequent the thrift store often, I think thats quite obvious at this point. 😉

I wanted to help organize my Moms Kitchen counters. Mainly because I am an amazing daughter who likes to organize other peoples stuff.

In our household we write a lot of notes. Alot. We go somewhere and someone needs to know… we write a note. I leave for work but must tell my Mom something… I write a note. Constant paper notes all the time. I saw these picture frame dry erase boards on Pinterest so I decided to make one for our kitchen.

I picked up this cheapo $1.99 wooden picture frame from the Unique Thrift Store. I made sure to get wood because I wanted to paint it.


Not so cute.

Heres what I used to revamp it:


Picture frame



Sanding block

Paint brush

Cute paper

and some Varnish (not pictured, I didnt orginally Varnish it but then I decided to)

That color paint is one of the colors I used in the little flower picture I painted for my Mom for our kitchen:


I thought it would tie in nicely and of course I used a chevron print for the paper because I’m obsessed and had it on hand 🙂


Lightly sand then prime the frame


Then paint it and add the paper


It’s that simple!

Then get a dry erase marker with the eraser attached to it, tie it to the back where youre suppose to hang the picture from (I used jute string to keep up with the theme of the rest of the items I used it on)


A cute little message board to reduce the amount of paper we use and a good excuse to write with dry erase markers! Who doesnt love writing with a dry erase marker!? Why is it so awesome?

Next Project:

Operation find somewhere for papers to be placed instead of on the kitchen counter

Insert this thing:


A mini paper holder. This is exactly what I had in mind when I went searching. I didnt want a flat paper holder because that would take up too much counter space. I found so many of these at the thrift store but they were all so big. Then I found this and hoped it would work!

……..But it’s ugly.

It’s green. A weird blue green.

So I grabbed some Metal primer this time, slapped it on, painted it the same color as the picture frame, and wrapped jute around the bottom to not only protect the counters but also make it even cuter. I love cute. And Jute 🙂


Then we are left with something a little more pleasing to the eye and maybe even a little less office looking.


These are both in our kitchen now as I tried to reorganize it a bit


^^^^This is what our counter looked like before^^^^


^^And this is what it looks like now with some help from bins, baskets, and a paper holder :)^^

My Tooter McDooder Doo

Hope everyone has a good day!! Go create or revamp something and make it an even better day 🙂

Or in my case, I’ll go pet my Tooder McDooder Doo (one of her many nicknames) I’ll and be as happy as ever!!!

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