Glass Canisters 2.0!

As I said in a previous post, I organized my mother’s kitchen counters. Along with the organizing I realized how much I hate the containers she keeps the flour and sugar in.

These are the dreadful ones we have used for YEARS:


They had to have been my Grammas or something. They’re so old. Like old old. Brown lids, clear container, with brown flowers…. was this actually cute at one point!? Why?

I searched for some glass canisters at thrift stores that I could revamp, but I kept finding ones that were cloudy and weird.

Then I came across some that were pretty cute, came in 3 sizes as a set… but the wooden lid weirdly had painted dog faces on it, leading me to believe they were for dog treats. I popped the top open and took a whiff. Yes, dog treats.


My last option was looking at Target and surprisingly they had some nicely priced glass canisters in all different styles


I ended up chosing this style! I liked it because it resembles a mason jar, and there is something so timeless about mason jars, I just LOVE THEM! I got one in the 1 gallon size for the flour, and the one for sugar is a 2 quart I believe (don’t quote me on that I already peeled off the labels so I cannot verify!) They have a nice size opening, and I checked by sticking my fist inside the opening to make sure that getting flour or sugar out would be easy.


These needed some sprucing up as well. I knew I wanted to label them. I had some nice gold letter stickers on hand at home from past scrapbook projects. I used those to write flour and sugar, grabbed my jute string, spun it around the top, and secured it with some hot glue. I kept the jute string theme throughout just to help tie it all together.


Heres the end result! Same jars just a little cuter and personalized 🙂


There they are on the counter. We are really lacking flour. But that’s okay you get the point haha

Has anyone else ever revamped a glass container?

I thought about cutting out paper for the letters to go on and mod podging that to the glass canister as well! So many different ideas for projects like this!

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