The Ugly Deskling

A couple of weeks ago my bestie Calli asked me if I wanted to refinish a desk that her co-worker was getting rid of. Of course I said yes without even knowing the condition. I said, “if it has good bones, then for sure!” I trusted Calli’s judgement 🙂

Here is a little review of the desk I will refinish over the next 2 weeks probably (hopefully sooner!)


Here she is! It’s a smaller desk, but not a children’s desk necessarily because I could comfortably sit in front of it with a chair, so that was good! Mike on the other hand probably wouldn’t be able to, but hey this is not a desk for him! 🙂

That picture obviously shows that it was in the process of being stripped, that will be in a later post on how to easily strip a wooden piece of furniture.

I have high hopes for this project. I have so many projects lying around but this one is my favorite for now!

I was at Michael’s the other day and saw cute drawer pulls in the clearance aisle and didn’t get them! SO MAD! What was I thinking?! So, I went back and the entire clearance aisle was moved. Of course. I dug like a crazy woman. I needed these drawer pulls! I remembered seeing cute colored crystal ones, I had to find them!

After several minutes….. I DID!


SO CUTE! They’re a nice misty light blue. No… not baby blue. I hate baby blue so I refuse to call them that. Theyre misty okay? Thankfully I was able to find 5 of these and with my coupon I got them all for $2.50 total! SCORE!!!!

Then I got home, and realized….


They don’t screw on tight enough in these drawers. ALWAYS has to be something. Nothing can just work properly ever. I got upset not gonna lie, so I mentioned it to my Mom and that little cutie found some of these rubber rings that you put around screws to make things fit better! PERFECT!!



They were the answer to my dilemma (thanks Mom!) and I get to keep the knobs!


Perfect fit 🙂

As you can see this desk was used by kids at the daycare that Calli works at. Fingerprints everywhere… and another dead giveaway was the inside drawer liners…


Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed on a weird grid print I’m assuming for accurate measurement and cutting. They were horrid, and in every single drawer.


But LOOK! They peel away amazingly!



I was glad to see them go!

Some weird stains were under that paper. I even found a sewing needle in one. Nothing that a little drawer lining project can’t take care of (that will be in a seperate post).

And lastly (although there will also be a separate post on how I am stripping this desk as well), here is a look at what lies beneath…..

5 coats of paint!!!


A varnish, white, purple, yellow, and another white paint. Wow, this thing has been used! Why does that make me love it even more?!


Light Gray Paint

Blue Crystal Drawer Pulls

Blue Chevron Print for the lining in the drawers

And perhaps white drawer fronts, if not white drawer fronts then maybe a white top. I just feel like it needs another color somewhere… any suggestions?

We shall see if any of that holds true in the end because I’m indecisive and change my mind often!

Check back to see how the desk is coming along! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Ugly Deskling

  1. Good luck with your new project 🙂 I have a similar desk to this but its the natural wood colour. I have a hugeee mirror laying across it so it feels like a Hollywood vanity minus the bulbs 😉 hehe

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