Baby Boys and Their Sports

So many babies and baby showers!

And I’m just over here making cakes for them!

I think I’ve made about 20 baby shower cakes in total by now. Just last week I did the baseball themed one for a baby boy. This weeks cake isn’t too different from that one… only its a couple sports instead of just 1 🙂

I started by making fondant decorations for it earlier in the week (are we seeing a pattern here people. This is all I do is plan a head to make things easier the day of!)

I will post pictures of the fondant accents I made as we go along here.

This was a 10″ yellow cake on bottom with an 8″ cake on top.

Just like always:

Level the cakes

Torte the cakes

Fill the cakes with icing

Frost the outside with a thin layer of icing

Roll out fondant to the correct size

Cover cake in fondant

Perfect fondant as much as I can with the smoothing tool

Dowel the bottom cake with 6 Bubble Tea straws

Add a little frosting to the top of the bottom cake so the top cake can adhere

Place cakeboarded 8″ cake on top on 10″ cake

Push a dowel through both cakes down the center to make it sturdy

Add a boarder to both cakes

Then, for this order I added 2 circles of fondant on top for the 3D’s balls to go on

And finally, add your words if you have any. This way we can work the decorations around it.

And that’s it!!!… so simple!…. NOT -lol- well I guess it is simple.. just tedious! Thats the word 🙂

That is how we get to our blank canvas of a cake:

Plain Cake

Now I can start to add the decorations. I made baseballs, basketballs, and footballs… about 5 or 6 of each for the bottom cake.


And evenly placed them around the bottom 10″ cake. In a thought out pattern of football, basketball, baseball, football, basketball, baseball etc. Making sure it starts and ends in that pattern. OCD people. Know it and love it.


Then for the top cake I made some polka dots in blues and browns. Some I doubled up.


And these 3D balls and bat for the top of the cake:


The polka dots went around the top cake and the 3D balls and bat were placed on top with toothpicks.


First, I left it like this and was pleased with the cake.


But then I saw that bag I have of crushed graham cracker and decided to add that to the top as well.. around the baseball and bat. Mainly because I really loved it on the last cake!


It just added a little somethin!




Then later in the day… I sign on facebook and one of my Facebook friends was at the baby shower that this cake ventured too! Here are two pictures she took 🙂 Thanks Jessica!

cake 2

A top view

cakes 2

And a frontal 😉

Well, that concludes my weekend of cakes! Two fondant cakes might not sound like much but man did it wear me out!!

Hope you guys like it!

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