Happy First Weekend in October!

Hey Everyone 🙂 I haven’t updated in almost a week since my last post on a baby shower cake I did.  Honestly my mind has been consumed with Halloween and what Mike and I should be. It’s always such a stressful thing and it really shouldn’t it! I can’t decide what I want us to be and I can’t make basic decisions in life. Mike doesn’t care what he is, as long as I can make it and it fits. So that’s where we are at for now!

I had two cakes to do this weekend, I actually just finished them both and they have been picked up. I really didn’t get a lot of pictures of them. I was in a hurry to get it finished so I could also make my Buffalo Chicken Dip for our girls night tonight! Yes Buffalo Chicken dip… yes there will be a blog post on that because it’s so delicious it deserves it. But anyway, I will post about those cakes tomorrow. I have such good blogging intentions but I keep pushing them off!

Now that these two weekend cakes are done…. I HAVE NO CAKE ORDERS FOR 2 WHOLE WEEKS! I am kind of happy for this little break I can’t deny that. I am excited to just be able to work on Halloween costumes, tackle that desk I posted about here, another laminate dresser my mom just handed down to me, and other little projects that I’m sure will come up!

Anyway, Katie over at Oh Hey Baby (check her out!) does this thing called “10 Things Friday” where she lists ten things she’s excited for, wants to accomplish etc! Anything in 10’s!

So I thought it would be fun to do the same thing only on Saturday because I’m  crazy like that! I probably wont stick with it and I will forget by next Saturday but that’s okay 🙂

10 things

1.) Carving a pumpkin. I love to carve pumpkins! Mike and I have carved one every year that we have been dating and we get intense! I have a scrapbook that has ever picture of every pumpkin we’ve carved and I love it. Sam and Derek usually participate with us 😉

2.) I’m excited for Halloween. Because really who isn’t!? It’s just fun! Mike and I need to pick what we want to be asap because I know there will be work that needs to be done in that department.

3.) My sister turns 26 this October! The 21st to be specific so everyone wish her a Happy Birthday that day! And a Happy Birthday to my good friend Heather who also turns 26 tomorrow! We are having a girls night by her tonight where we will laugh, drink wine, and eat appetizers. Like really, those nights are the best nights.

4.) I’m excited to finish that desk this October. It. Will. Happen!

5.) Were suppose to be going to RPM on the 12th. So I am naturally excited for that! RPM is an Italian restaurant in Chicago and Guilana Rancic and Bill Rancic own it! I’ve heard good things so I’m excited!

6.) I also cant wait to try a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I tried a pumpkin coffee about 4 years ago from Starbucks. I couldn’t. I don’t drink my coffee with the lid on. Therefore I took the lid off and it just looked like a cup full of this weird orange-colored foam. Maybe DD will impress me? But I decided I’m going to try it!

7.) I’m excited to go out for Sam’s Birthday. That should be a fun night!!

8.) Calli, my bestie, is having a Halloween party on the 26th! I’m excited to help decorate and possibly contribute with some cupcakes or a cake! 🙂

9.) I’m VERY EXCITED to dress our dogs up for Halloween too. They’re so stinking cute, costume or not!!

10.) and finally…. I’M SO EXCITED FOR WALKING DEAD TO START! Do you guys watch The Walking Dead? It’s on season 4 now. It’s so good. Zombies Zombies Zombies! Love it! Although I am a scardy cat. This show does freak me out. I’ve lost sleep before lets just say that! Did anyone notice Haunted Houses is no where on this list? Yea it’s because I hate them. Not a fan. I can do the Walking Dead but I can’t do Haunted Houses!!


Hello Kitty!


Me, Mike, and Sam were the KIA Hamsters!


This was in 2008! I was a Cherry Pie and he was the cherry pie eating contest winner -lol-


His shirt I made him!


In 2009 I was Amy Whinehouse (RIP GIRLFRIEND!) and Mike was a “Tool” From VH1’s Tool Academy! Anyone remember that show? I did a hell of a job on his outfit for that!



Then in 2010 we were Mario and Princess Peach!


 I knew Mike wouldn’t wear the silly Mario Hat from the Halloween store so we got him his fitted cap and I made the Mario symbol with sticky felt.


Princess Peach! I bought my own costume because I wasn’t going to attempt that.


Heres some pumpkin me, Mike, Sam and Derek have made!

13454_1149316049858_1136280114_370177_6995842_n 13454_1149315849853_1136280114_370176_6343705_n 13454_1149315649848_1136280114_370175_4635821_n 13454_1149315449843_1136280114_370174_4301159_n


And last year here is Sam as a mummy, and Derek as a Hispanic man lol embrace it people! He was one good lookin tequila lover!


And in 2012 Mike and I were The Toothfairy, and he was my Victim. So basically I punched him in the mouth for his teeth. Haha. Another homemade costume.

Stay tuned for this years costumes!!!!

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