Better Late Than Never!! *Impala and Mickey Cake*

Over the weekend (2 weekends ago, ahhhh I’m so late with this post! It’s been sitting as a draft for days  now) I had two cakes to work on: An Impala Logo cake and a Mickey Mouse Cake!

The impala one is a 10″ chocolate cake, covered in white fondant, with the impala logo sprayed in the silver metallic Wilton Color Mist, black letters, a red boarder, and “SS” around the boarder also sprayed in silver!





The Mickey Cake is all done with a star tip and the Mickey Caker pan by Wilton.


I always start with the details like the eyes and mouth and then star tip in black frosting!




Sorry this pictures are just awful, they looked much better one my phone! I’m working on getting a new camera people so please bare with me 🙂



Everyone check out this adorable cupcake floor mat I got from! So stinkin’ cute and colorful!!


Tootsie loves it too! I couldn’t get her off of it!


Seriously, everywhere I put this floor mat down… she sat on it lol


Everyone should go check out Hollywood Mirror! And all of their cute products! Maci from Teen Mom shops there and she is obviously the best Teen Mom there ever is 😉

Hollywood Mirror has these really cute hair wraps that look like oversized bows… I’m probably going to have to get myself one!


How adorbs is that?!!

Sorry I’ve been so bad with posting! But I do have a super super super cute Halloween themed cake to do for this weekend that I am already excited to share with you guys! So stay tuned!

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