DIY Cake Release!

I had to make some cakes yesterday so as always I began pulling out all of my supplies to do so when of course this was empty:


WHY IS IT ALWAYS EMPTY?! I buy one, use it for about 8 cakes then its gone. This can is not cheap, but you NEED a cake release! I thought my only other option was the dreaded “butter up the pan and sprinkle with flour” method which is so 1950’s. I’m so 3008, thats so 2000 and late. Fergie reference for y’all!

Then I took to Google… and there it was… a make it yourself cake release! Every website just stated that all you need is equal parts flour, vegtable oil, and shortening. So here we go!:

 Supplies needed:


We only had about a 1/2 cup of flour at my house.. so I just did this in all 1/2 cups!

-1/2 cup oil-


-1/2 cup flour-


-1/2 cup shortening. I used Crisco-


I put the flour and oil in a bowl


Mixed that up first


Then dumped in the shortening and started whisking that up. At first its a nasty gross clumpy mess


But continue whisking and then you’ll get a smooth consistency like this:


Pour it into a container that has a lid so you can keep it for future cakes


Now, to put apply it you need your cake release mixture, a brush used for food (I specifically purchased this brush for this cake release mixture) and your pan.


Dab your brush in it


And brush it on your pan. Put enough so it coats it, but not too much, but also not too little. You want your cake to be able to release easily but you also don’t want it to have a thick layer of this stuff on it either.


Once its all coated you’re ready to go!


Just fill your pan with batter and bake accordingly.

I baked two cakes with this so far and both released very easily with no problem!

Store this covered in your fridge. I was nervous that it would solidify after being in the fridge for a while, but it hasnt. So whenever your ready to bake your next cake just whip this out and its ready to go!

This is much cheaper then buying cake release by the can. I also like that it is a brush on alternative to the spray. The PAM spray in the can does work well but it is so slimy and whenever I spray it, it gets everywhere. I never spray it in the house unless I want everything coated in it. Therefore, I usually spray it outside which then results in our deck being coated in it and eventually our dog Benny makes his way outside and licks the deck clean of it. So gross!! He is such a scavenger!

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