Trick or Treat!…. But mainly treats!!

Halloween is near!!! I love Halloween. I’ve been working on mine and Mikes costumes, those are almost complete which is nice! I love dressing up and I really love making the costumes instead of buying them. I will have a post on what we did this year 🙂

My friend Nikki last-minute requested a Halloween themed cake and 10 cupcakes. She sent me an inspiration photo of what she wanted.. and OMG was I excited! I love doing out of the ordinary cakes. This was definitely one of them. I started by making the fondant decorations early in the week.

Some witch legs for the top of the cake…


Then made some witch hats and brooms!


I made extra of these for our Halloween Party at my friend’s house next weekend! Why not get things done early, right? I also ended up replacing a few of the green boarders on the hats with some purple boarders! I thought the mix of the two colors was cuter.


For the witches broom that was going on the cake I used a wooden dowel and some fondant. I saw some people used pretzels as the stick, which is super cute but I had none lying around so this was my replacement! I used an edible marker to color the stick brown and give it a wooden look.



I wrapped the cake in orange fondant, added a black border to the bottom, and then applied the black stripes. All perfectly spaced out of course 😉

Okay be ready to die of cuteness right now…..


I was a little nervous for the witches dress because black fondant is SO moist and I didn’t think it would stand up, but it worked out perfectly! I did three layers for the dress to give it some fullness!


The cupcakes got either a hat or a broom next to the number 5!


There’s the purple border I mentioned!






What do you guys think? Hope you like the cake! I really enjoyed making this one, and I was very happy with how it came out! Love Halloween!

And of course, here is a picture of my little Witch Tootsie!!!!

photo 3 (1)

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