Cupcake Graveyard!

Earlier in the week I wrote a blog post on making candy molds, check that post out here! In this post I will make the Cupcake Graveyard that the tombstone and skull chocolate molds were made for.

I really wanted to make some cupcakes for my neighbor who always gives me caking supplies. I made them a graveyard, called them up, and only to find out they are out of town. Womp Womp. I was like “hmmmm who can I give these too?” Our other neighbors! YES! We have the sweetest alley neighbors and they have the most awesome kids that are seriously so polite it makes you feel like you’re just not good enough. They were so appreciative.. it was the sweetest thing ever!

Here is how you can also make a cupcake graveyard!… ALSO BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER! I got my new camera! AHHHH SO freaking exciting! I came home from work and it was all ready for me to start playing around with. I am VERY new to such an advanced camera so these pictures might still not be the best but still a total upgrade and I’m already loving it!

These are some cupcake liners that my neighbor gave me for Halloween. Of course I had to use them!


Another great gift from my neighbor: some Halloween sprinkles! Bones! Adorbs! Love it!


Grab some Oreos and crush them up for our “dirt”


Put it in a bowl that a cupcake can be dunked into.


I had some vanilla frosting on hand but I knew I didn’t want white frosting under our dirt, so instead I colored it with Wiltons Moss Green food coloring.



Frost the cupcakes with a regular butter knife and lightly press them into the crushed Oreos


Repeat with all of them and arrange them on a platter. These are only $.99 from Party City. I basically buy out their stock every week. I use these a lot for cake, especially heavy tiered ones.


Then add your tombstone, bones, and crushed Oreos around the cupcakes to add more of a dirty graveyard effect!


And add your candy skulls!



And there you have it…. a cupcakes graveyard!

The kids I gave these too really got a kick out of them! I’m also making some for our Halloween party tomorrow along with a couple other cupcakes so stay tuned for another post on spooky Halloween treats!


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