Halloween 2013… Chucky and His Bride!

Okay only 2 more Halloween posts and that’s it! ūüė¶ which is sad because Halloween is awesome!! Besides the Haunted House aspect of Halloween.. I love it all! And Candy Corn actually, not a fan of that either. But what I am a fan of…is dressing up! In a previous post, click here to read it,¬†I uploaded pictures of mine and Mikes past 5 years of costumes! This year I decided¬†we would be Chucky and Tiffany!¬†I say “I decided” because well, I did. Mike just wears whatever I present to him and I just love that. As long as it fits, he goes with the flow!



This came to me when I was at the Thrift Store and spotted a wedding dress that resembled The Bride of Chucky and I knew it would fit me!

For my costume I needed:

a wedding dress, a necklace, a black jacket, black combat boots, a blonde wig, and dark makeup

and for Mikes costume I needed:

A striped shirt, overalls (he had them from his Mario costume! Score!) face scratches, and a wig as well.


Theres the good ol’ wedding gown! It’s a really small picture, its from my cell phone and in terrible lighting, but you get the idea!¬†This was the thrift store wedding dress that I got for $13.00!¬†yes $13.00! how awesome but sad at the same time is that? Some girl really loved this dress and prob spent a decent amount on it… then¬†I got it for $13.00…¬†It really was well made, old, but well made. Aren’t all old things well made?! They don’t make em like they use to! Still pretty ugly though ūüėČ


I found this shirt for Mike at the Thrift Store as well. Legit the only striped XXL shirt I could find. I knew it would be a little tight on Mike… he is 6’3 and like 275lbs so if its not¬†a XXL then its a XXXL. I knew he would have overalls on top though so we got it!


I colored in the white strips with a green marker because Chuckys shirt is more colorful. It worked well. (the price tag says it was $4.99 but the purple tags were all 44% off that day so i got it for like $3.12!


I found this wig in the unthrifted Halloween section so I got that for Mikes wig and a bottle of orange hair dye. If you use this in light even quick strokes the color applies nicely. I sprayed and brushed, sprayed and brushed etc


Then I picked up these face cuts from party city. I stapled it to resemble Chuckys face. These worked just -okay- They stayed on most the night.


I had these Steve Madden Combat Wedges that I got like 3 years ago that worked perfect for this costume. Theyre so comfy!

edited chucky

and heres how we turned out! I seriously couldn’t even look at Mike in that wig. I just couldn’t contain the laughter. That was also his go-to facial expression for most of the pictures -haha-

edited chucky2

My wig was just atrocious, I cant even deny that. And the sad part is this was the second wig I purchased. The first one was EVEN WORSE. Once we got to the party my friend Maria teased this wig for me and it helped out ALOT.


That picture was post hair tease!


I just did my eye make really dark, applied fake lashes, made a fake birthmark with my eye liner, and slathered on the lipstick. Which by the way was very hard to maintain! I NEVER wear a dark lip… I really don’t even wear pink lips, so this was all new to me. It was EVERYWHERE by the end of the night like my entire white dress had it all over!


what do you guys think of our costumes this year?

I loved them and thought they were pretty funny. Mike ended up winning Most Original Costume (not really original so the speak but screw it! And we won for Best Costume! I don’t think anyone recognized me in that wig and dark makeup¬†and of course everyone had a good laugh at Mike in his wig. Days later people were still¬†texting or facebooked me about it and I laugh every time -hehe-


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