A Week of Minnie Mousing

This weekend I had a Minnie Mouse Cake order! I did this exact cake before for Katie’s daughter Olivia’s 1st Birthday as well, check her out at ohheybabyblog.com! Only this one was pink instead of red 🙂

I started out the week with making the fondant decorations for it. I have Mickey Mouse Cookie cutters in 3 sizes. I bought these when I did Olivia’s Cake and I’ve used them many times since. Buying cookie cutters is never a bad idea because I always seem to use them  A LOT.

For this cake I needed

9 Mickey Heads

9 small bows

1 large white bow

1 large pink bow with polka dots

The name “MIA”

The number 1

2 sets of Mickey Ears

and White polka dots for the top cake

For the small bows, this is typically how I make them… it’s easy and fast!


Cut out 2 inch long strips of fondant


Dab a little water in the center


Fold the ends in


Take a small piece of fondant and lay it on top


And pinch it around the back!

Super simple! It used to take me so long to make bows because I didn’t have a process and I’d over think it, but now this technique works best for me especially with tiny bows for things like Minnie Mouse’s head!


Perfect size!


The large bows have a similar process just more fondant! For these I like to roll up some parchment paper and put it in the inside of the bows to keep it opened up!


Then I added some white polka dots to it. This bow is for the smash cake! The smash cake for these Minnie and Mickey themed parties are my FAVORITE, they’re so STINKIN’ CUTE!..


I just LOVE IT! It’s so girly and so Disney! It’s meant to look like the hats every kid gets when they go there 🙂 It’s made with my sphere cake pan, which I use alllllllllll the time! I don’t even remember why I originally bought the sphere ball-shaped pan, but I have used it probably 60 times now.

The last time I made this smash cake, I star tipped the whole thing but this time I decided to just smooth frost it and star tip a boarder!


Then the back gets her name, Mia, just like the real hats have!



The Mickey Ears are black fondant with toothpicks stuck in them to make sure they stay in the cakes nicely!

Then it was on to the cake!…


Both of them got frosted. Not A LOT of frosting though, or the fondant on top of it moves around too much! Just enough frosting to make it stick.



Then the fondant goes on. Naked fondant cakes are not cute! I can’t even sit here and say this looks great -lol- they start out so -blah- and the decorations and borders really kick it up a notch!




After everything is put on it’s like a whole new cake!








Hope you guys like it! There’s just something about the smash cake that makes me love Minnie Mouse so much!!! Happy 1st Birthday to Mia!

Next week I have zero cake orders and I’ll be attending a wedding with my sister 🙂 so that should be fun! I will have to come up with a little project/craft to work on to give me something to post about! I have TONS of white cupcake liners that never get used so I might see what I can do with them.

Until next time!


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