Gone Fishin’…. again!!!!

Thank you to all of the Veteran’s, and the active and fallen soldiers! It’s the land of the free because of the brave!

I have off work today so I thought I’d blog about the last cake I did 🙂

Over the past week I was so confused as to how I had ZERO cakes to make! I was like “hmmm a cake free weekend…okay this is odd!” Then Val texted me and THANK GOD she did! Because I entirely forgot about the fishing cake for her sons 5th birthday! I legit have never forgotten a cake order! I’m still unsure how it slipped my mind! If I don’t automatically enter it into my iPhone calendar then I write it on my actual calendar at work… neither of which I did! I was so mortified!!! But luckily she contacted me on Wednesday which left me with ample time to get everything done 🙂

Val needed a fishing themed cake like the last one I did, check it out HERE! Her only request was that the fish and the #5 that were going on the cake be in orange! Simple enough! Here is the fish I made for it…


It’s a fishing cake so naturally we need a fish! The orange went with the rest of the theme she had going on!


I made some rocks in different fondant colors. I feel like it makes them look more real!


These are cat tails and they are in every picture of fishing cakes, so of course I made them. I just take tooth picks and color them green with my edible marker, wet the tip, and pop a piece of brown fondant on top.


Some leaves!


Here is everything that went into and onto the cake!


Once it is all covered in fondant and stacked, that is when the fun begins! I decided I wanted to cover it in white fondant and spray it blue with a Wilton color mist spray! I had one left over and I HATE dying fondant. This worked out wonderfully because it really looked like water! I would’ve used my Duff Airbrush Machine but since I had this can leftover I figured I’d finish that off first!


It just came out way cuter then plain blue fondant!


It just gives it more of a water look to it!


After it was covered in fondant and sprayed blue… I begin adding all of the premade fondant details!




TA-DA!!!!!!!! I really loved how this cake turned out!





It came out just like I pictured it in my head! I love this theme for a boy’s birthday party!

Hope everyone likes it! Let me know what you think!


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