Save The Date Sign for a Doggies Neck!!

Last week my best friend Becca asked me to make a sign for her friend who is taking Save The Date pictures today actually! They are incorporating their dog in the photos which I just LOVE! So they wanted the sign to hang around her dog’s neck! Becca said it was a medium-sized dog so I went to Michael’s and they had these thin lightweight 12″ long pieces of plywood! Perf! I made a very similar but larger sign for my friend Heather to use for her wedding! Check that out here!

Here is everything I used to make this!


Wood, Staple Gun, Ribbon, Sanding Block, Paint Brushes/Sponges, Paint, Primer, and a print out of whatever is going on the wood!

Lets get started!


First you need to scribble pencil all over the back of your print out! This will transfer the words/numbers onto your wood!

Then run some primer over your wood! I didn’t photograph this step because you really cant even see the primer. I really love Martha Stewart’s Gesso Wood Primer. Its expensive I probably wouldn’t buy it again so you can use whatever!


She wanted the sign to be “ivory” not white, so I took my white acrylic paint and mixed it with a beige acrylic paint to make an ivory color! Once the primer was dry, I painted this color on.


Now lay your scribbled on paper onto the wood and trace over the letters. Once you’re done tracing you will get an outline of your words/numbers onto the wood. Just light enough to see it!


Then take your black paint and fill it all in! This step takes the most time especially if you have thin lines like this one does. I desperately needed new paint brushes at this point because I have this terrible habit of using paint brushes and forgetting to clean them 😦 so I have like 439574398 crappy brushes lying around. After this project I picked up a new pack 🙂 I ended up using a toothpick for a lot of this sign! For all the thing areas! Yes, very time-consuming with a toothpick!! But worth it!!



Next, take your ribbon, cut it to a nice length (if its going around a dog’s neck, like this one is!) and staple gun it to the back!


Voila!!! a cutsey handmade sign! I roughed up the edges just a little with a sanding block. You can’t really tell in the pictures though!



And that’s how you easily make a handmade sign!

It probably only took me 1 hour total and cost $1.19 for the plywood! Michael’s sells all kinds of different lengths of wood which work out nicely for signs like this one!

If you need a sign for anything using this method is the key to painting on cute fonts!

xoxo -Dani

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