It’s a FIESTA!!! Part 1: CAKE POPS!

Over the weekend I had a request to make a Fiesta themed cake and cakepops for my friend Katie’s daughter Olivia who turned 2! Olivia is the cutest little girl who’s first birthday party I did the Minnie mouse cake, smash cake, and cake pops for! Check that blog post out here! And please check Katie out over at

Katie wanted a cake shaped into the number 2 and decorated like a piñata! You know, like that piñata fringe! She also wanted 40 cake pops… 20 drizzled and sprinkled and 20 with piñata fringe as well! This post is going to be dedicated to the cake pops! I went picture crazy for this and there’s too many for one post.

First we shall begin with the pops!






All of the cake pops were rolled, sticked, and dunked in white candy melts!

This process takes the longest, after they’re all dunked its just a matter of decorating!

dreaded cake pop

AND THIS RIGHT HERE is the reason I ALWAYS roll out at least 10 extra balls!

THE DREADED CAKE POP CRACK! I swear if I make 50 cake pops at least 8 crack, it is just so annoying. Luckily, if I am making drizzled cake pops, the drizzle usually covers the crack very well! But that doesn’t make me hate the cracking any less



I individually wrap every cake pop so I always need cutsey ribbon to tie them with! The dollar store by my work sells ribbon for $1 a roll! Each roll has 6 yards of ribbon which is amazing! That is SO SO SO cheap! Ribbon from Michaels starts at $1.99 a roll! I got all 6 of these for like $6.50! So amazing, and I knew I would have ribbon left over so I had no problem buying this since I always need ribbon.


I tied them with any color ribbon other the one that was used on the cake pop.


For the cake pops with fringe, fondant had to be used. I colored fondant in all of the colors Katie said were in the Fiesta Banner she got: Red, yellow, pink, light green, light blue, and dark blue!


Then I rolled out all of the fondant colors, cut them into strips, and use my tiny scissors to cut the fringe into them. This was tedious!








Fiesta Cake pops! So fun and such a cute birthday theme!

Check back in tomorrow for the FIESTA PART TWO! Which will be the cake!

xoxoxo -Dani

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