It’s a FIESTA! Part 2: The Cake!


This half is on the Piñata themed cake! Like I said in the previous post Katie wanted a cake shaped into the #2 and decorated like a Piñata!

I baked 2 12×18 cakes, each came out to about 2 inches in height, so the cake itself was about 4 1/2 inches high! Which is a nice size! Then I filled it with frosting and thought about how I would carve it into a #2 while keeping as much cake as possible. I didn’t get a picture of this step but I wish I did….

Instead of using a knife to outline the 2 shape on top of the cake I instead filled a pastry bag with frosting and outlined the shape with the frosting on top of the cake! it worked out perfectly! Then I carved it with a knife.


I rolled out the rest of the left over fondant from the cake pops and began cutting it into strips then cutting the fringe.


Once I started this process I realized how time-consuming this was going to be, so I called in my Sue Chef aka my Mother. She cut ALL of the fringe. I seriously think I would’ve killed myself had she not helped me, and having someone to talk through while making a cake always makes it more fun!

What was nice about this fringe fondant was that it really didn’t have to look perfect to be cute!

I wish I got more photos of the cake during this process but honestly there was no way I could stop because my mom and I were just on a roll. So here are some completed pictures of the cake!





I really liked how it all came out! And the fringe turned out better than I expected





If you ever want to have a fiesta themed party, a pinata themed cake is the way to go 😉

xoxox -Dani

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