Little Craft For My Newly Engaged Sister!

On Saturday night my older (and only) sister got engaged to my soon-to-be-brother-in-law Derek!


They have been dating 6 1/2 years and she’s been waiting a while for this day to finally come! She was so surprised and he did it in such a romantic way… it was just so Sam and Derek! Her ring in beautiful… so sparkly and shiny and pretty!

I was laying in bed about 1 hour ago and the idea of making Sam a ring holder (for when she showers etc) popped into my head. I’ve come across some on Pinterest before so this isn’t an original idea but I didn’t use any tutorial for this I just kinda winged it. I have entire crafting area in my basement so I just headed down there and came back up a half hour later with a ring holder! Here’s how I made it.

This isn’t a very good picture of Sam’s ring.. I’m still learning how to use my new camera! I have to learn how to manually focus and stuff! But you get the gist!



First, I found this small picture frame I had. I remember I got it in a 4 pack from Target dollar aisle. The bulletin board I had from a shadow box collage I made for my mom and stuck all of her Amtrak pins to it (she retired from Amtrak after 40 years of service! Crazy!!)


Then I found a pearl tipped pin and bent it


Found some rhinestones


“D” and “S” charms (my sisters name is Samantha, and her fiancé is Derek)


And some pink ribbon that I tied into a bow


I wanted the letters to dangle so I strung them with beads (to separate the letters) and hot glued the string on the back of the frame.


I put a thin layer of hot glue all over a piece of gray paper


And pressed it on


So now its still a cork board just not as ugly anymore


Then I shoved the pin up thru the cork board, and hot glued the bow on top


and finally I pressed the rhinestones along the outside of the frame


TA-DA!!!!! A ring holder!!!

I really like how it came out especially with just using things I had on hand!

xoxox -Dani

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