Annual Girls Grab Bag :)

Every year the girls and I do a Christmas Grab Bag! We do a $40 dirty Santa Grab Bag and we ALSO do a $10 dirty Santa Gag Gift! The gag gift is always the most fun. The gifts for that are hilarious! Some are so bad and naughty I feel weird listing them on my blog -lol- just this alone would put all 8 of us on Santas Bad List!!!!

We decided to make this years grab bag festivity into a brunch on Sunday! December is so crazy and it was hard to find a day all of us could definitely get together therefore this worked out perfectly and really who doesnt love everything that comes with doing a brunch!?



4 of us brought OJ, the other 4 brought the champagne! My sister made a Peach Orange Juice which was extra amazing. She just halved a bottle of OJ and filled it back up with Peach Nector.


^Do you see those cups?!^

You have no idea how wonderful these truly were. My friend Maria made them. I searched Pinterest and found the recipe:

Looks like its from Martha Stewart which I dont doubt for a second! At first I thought the egg was gonna be all runny and I’m not into that, but when I bit into it and it was more of a hard boiled egg/eggs-that-are-in-a-Mcdonalds-Breakfast-Sandwich kind of consistency… I was in love!!! And bacon…. don’t even get me started!

So simple too! Line greased muffin tins with smashed down bread… lay a half cooked piece of bacon in there, crack an egg over the bacon, pop into oven for 20-25 minutes. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


Becca made this delicious French Toast with a rich buttery maple syrup sauce on the bottom!


Anne made pancakes. I thought this was the extent of them until…


She added a raspberry to each one! Then it really was game on for these babies!!


My sister made some bacon, green onion, ranch, and cheese crescent roll ups!


And I made s’mores dip, you can find that on my blog post with the recipe here:

Some things I didnt get a picture of: Heathers hash brown casserole and Sam’s fruit dip!

But all in all I think it’s safe to say that we as a whole… DO NOT mess around when it comes to get togethers and food. We always out do ourselves 😉


The kiddos opened their gifts first!


Ella snapping pictures of Cameron!


IMG_4448 IMG_4447

IMG_4451 IMG_4452


Ummmmm lets talk about these Michael Kors flats! So cute, I’d wear them!!

IMG_4435 IMG_4434


Becca got all of us Christmas socks… which were a huge hit because even at 24 and 25 years old we all enjoy the idea of having matching things and all wearing the same stuff -lol-

I didn’t get pictures of our grab bag but items included:

All kinds of jewerly, scarves, socks, candles, hair stuff, nighties, scrapbook supplies (who do you think gifted that?! Me of course haha always encouraging the creativity! I just thought it was so neat… Michaels sold these packages for scrapbooking that included a 12×12 scrapbook, stickers, paper etc!). So much good stuff! Now the gag gifts… I will leave those to your imagination!!

Merry Christmas!!!!



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