Mason Jar Hot Chocolates mmmm

Yesterday my girlfriends and I had a couples Christmas party… 5 couples total! We did a grab bag which is always fun and the gifts were all so perfect. The gift I decided (I’d include Mike but I’d be lying if I said he had any part in the gift besides agreeing that it was cute lol) to give was a little in home movie date night! $10 red box giftcard, 4 old school Coca-Cola bottles, 2 boxes of movie candy, all inside of a bucket of popcorn!

I really wanted to make something small for the girls. I’m always thinking about things to make that I can blog about! After scrolling through Pinterest I decided I’d make them: Mason Jar Hot Chocolates!

My blog should really be called “Everything I Make is Inspired From Pinterest” because that’s seriously my entire life. I can scroll and pin ALL DAY LONG!

I didn’t follow any exact tutorial for this… I just kind of picked from a bunch of them and made mine!



I cut out these circles on my eCraft Machine to make the tops cute

AGAIN… I HATE THE COLOR GREEN. There was no way I was including green in this so red black and white was what I went with.



All my supplies!

The spoons and the chocolate morsels are for mixing spoons! Which I just love the idea of! So when you make this, you use the chocolate mixing spoon to mix everything up and the chocolate melts into the Hot Chocolate and makes it even more chocolaty!! Amazing!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate!

I picked out 4 bottles of original Baileys because lets be honest it’s delicious.



Get some plastic spoons…


Melt some semi-sweet chocolate morsels…


Put it on the spoon, and if you want to make it even cuter then drizzle some colored chocolate on top! I used Wiltons Red Candy Melts! Since I always have it on hand.


Then individually wrap all of them in cake pop wrappers!



I used 2 packets of Swiss Miss per Mason jar! Each packet requires 3/4 cup water or milk added but really who only wants 3/4 cup of hot chocolate?! Not me!


Add marshmallows then tightly close the Mason Jar… don’t want them getting hard!


Then I taped the Baileys and the mixing spoons to the sides of the mason jar because I was doing this solo and didn’t have anyone to help me hold them and tie at the same time. You probably don’t need to tape them if you have someone helping you!


I wrote little instructions on the top, it reads:

Pour contents into large mug, Add 1 1/2 cups of hot water or milk, Use spoon with chocolate to stir, Add Baileys and enjoy!


And here they are all complete!




Happy Holidays!!!



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