White and Silver 25 year Anniversary Cake!

Hello all! I have been MIA, lots going on! But! I have been making cakes, just slacking on the posting of them 🙂

I made a cake for my friends parents surprise 25th year anniversary! She wanted it to be all silver and white, which is so classy looking and I loved the idea. All of the silver was sprayed with my Duff airbrush machine in metallic silver.


A nice big 25 right in front to remind everyone of their 25 years of marriage!


I’ve never made a bow like this, but decided to give it a shot since Jasmin really liked it and it came out just like I had hoped!

You basically just cut strips of fondant, fold them in half, dab water on the end to keep them together, cut the end into a V, then place them on their sides to dry overnight. I sprayed them the following day, and assembled them using just water. Most tutorials used frosting to keep it all together but I didn’t like how visible it was. Water did fine.


I am truly obsessed with my pearl bead mold. It makes them all so perfect!!! I use it ALOT now.



I’m so glad I got my camera working again for this cake! It was the biggest cake I have done in a while since the Barbie cake (http://wp.me/p3N0qO-A6 click there to see that one, its still my favorite)


Ta-Da! Hope everyone likes it, and I hope to be blogging more!



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