Mason Jar Hot Chocolates mmmm

Yesterday my girlfriends and I had a couples Christmas party… 5 couples total! We did a grab bag which is always fun and the gifts were all so perfect. The gift I decided (I’d include Mike but I’d be lying if I said he had any part in the gift besides agreeing that it was cute lol) to give was a little in home movie date night! $10 red box giftcard, 4 old school Coca-Cola bottles, 2 boxes of movie candy, all inside of a bucket of popcorn!

I really wanted to make something small for the girls. I’m always thinking about things to make that I can blog about! After scrolling through Pinterest I decided I’d make them: Mason Jar Hot Chocolates!

My blog should really be called “Everything I Make is Inspired From Pinterest” because that’s seriously my entire life. I can scroll and pin ALL DAY LONG!

I didn’t follow any exact tutorial for this… I just kind of picked from a bunch of them and made mine!



I cut out these circles on my eCraft Machine to make the tops cute

AGAIN… I HATE THE COLOR GREEN. There was no way I was including green in this so red black and white was what I went with.



All my supplies!

The spoons and the chocolate morsels are for mixing spoons! Which I just love the idea of! So when you make this, you use the chocolate mixing spoon to mix everything up and the chocolate melts into the Hot Chocolate and makes it even more chocolaty!! Amazing!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate!

I picked out 4 bottles of original Baileys because lets be honest it’s delicious.



Get some plastic spoons…


Melt some semi-sweet chocolate morsels…


Put it on the spoon, and if you want to make it even cuter then drizzle some colored chocolate on top! I used Wiltons Red Candy Melts! Since I always have it on hand.


Then individually wrap all of them in cake pop wrappers!



I used 2 packets of Swiss Miss per Mason jar! Each packet requires 3/4 cup water or milk added but really who only wants 3/4 cup of hot chocolate?! Not me!


Add marshmallows then tightly close the Mason Jar… don’t want them getting hard!


Then I taped the Baileys and the mixing spoons to the sides of the mason jar because I was doing this solo and didn’t have anyone to help me hold them and tie at the same time. You probably don’t need to tape them if you have someone helping you!


I wrote little instructions on the top, it reads:

Pour contents into large mug, Add 1 1/2 cups of hot water or milk, Use spoon with chocolate to stir, Add Baileys and enjoy!


And here they are all complete!




Happy Holidays!!!



Barbie Banner Making and More!

For Makenzies 2nd Birthday, Heather asked if it was possible to make a “Happy Birthday!” banner for under $30. UMMM YES!!! Everyone’s first instinct is to go buy stuff like this off Etsy or similar online stores but I was able to make a banner for Heather for a whopping $4.00 and I’m not kidding. The banners were going on the cake table and presents table! Check out my blog post on the Barbie Cake I made for Makenzies Second Birthday! Pictures of the cake are also at the bottom of this post 🙂

The cardstock paper was on sale at Michael’s… 6 sheets for $1.00, so I got as much as I could. I had ribbon, some pink paper on hand, and of course my trusty eCraft!

I love this machine so much :)
This machine is amazing. It’s like a cricut but its mat less. I was able to hook it up to my computer (with the downloaded eCraft software), I found some SVG files of Barbie heads and got to work!


These were free images and so so so cute! I cut out 4 large Barbie heads


Then I cut out the letters I needed. ANY font on Microsoft Word can be used on the eCraft as well. I like to use the fonts that are boxy and thick, since its easier to cut out on the machine.


Then I put all the letters on a white background.


Then put them all on a sheet of colored pink paper. I alternated it so it went chevron print, then the other print etc. I don’t know why but I always have to double everything on paper. I feel like everything looks cuter with a border! It makes it look more professional!

Also, doing square instead of round helps to save paper.



That’s my trusty paper-cutter! It measures out paper perfectly and makes straight nice lines!



I recruited my mom and Mike for banner holding duty -lol- I made the banner then realized adding the “2nd” made it too long! So the end result doesn’t have the “2nd” and we separated “Happy Birthday!” for the cake table, and “Makenzie” for the present table!


I tape the back of each sheet to the ribbon to hold them all in place.



And here’s the final result!


So girly!



The banner just brings it all together! And dresses up the tables nicely!


the banners worked out perfectly for both tables!

Everything else came out so amazing for Makenzies Birthday party too! Heather spent a lot of time planning and making all of the little details!

Adorable party favors Heather made!

These are all cute little Hershey kiss party favors!


Heather made the card box! she simply wrapped a box in pink paper, added a Barbie head, and some number 2’s that I cut out on my eCraft machine for her!


Half of the tables got these center pieces. These are foam boxes covered in pink and black paper.


And the other half of the tables had ballons with the same Barbie confetti and Hershey kisses scattered!



The friend table!


the princess girl eating a lollipop!


Anthony does this thing at every party where he fills up a box with candy and when I say fill… I mean it. This box was up to the very top with all kinds of candy! And then he just launches it in the air and the kids go CRAZY!


Daddy helping the birthday girl!



All of my girlfriends and I 🙂 I love us! We are the Elite 8 -lol-

xoxox- Dani

Little Craft For My Newly Engaged Sister!

On Saturday night my older (and only) sister got engaged to my soon-to-be-brother-in-law Derek!


They have been dating 6 1/2 years and she’s been waiting a while for this day to finally come! She was so surprised and he did it in such a romantic way… it was just so Sam and Derek! Her ring in beautiful… so sparkly and shiny and pretty!

I was laying in bed about 1 hour ago and the idea of making Sam a ring holder (for when she showers etc) popped into my head. I’ve come across some on Pinterest before so this isn’t an original idea but I didn’t use any tutorial for this I just kinda winged it. I have entire crafting area in my basement so I just headed down there and came back up a half hour later with a ring holder! Here’s how I made it.

This isn’t a very good picture of Sam’s ring.. I’m still learning how to use my new camera! I have to learn how to manually focus and stuff! But you get the gist!



First, I found this small picture frame I had. I remember I got it in a 4 pack from Target dollar aisle. The bulletin board I had from a shadow box collage I made for my mom and stuck all of her Amtrak pins to it (she retired from Amtrak after 40 years of service! Crazy!!)


Then I found a pearl tipped pin and bent it


Found some rhinestones


“D” and “S” charms (my sisters name is Samantha, and her fiancé is Derek)


And some pink ribbon that I tied into a bow


I wanted the letters to dangle so I strung them with beads (to separate the letters) and hot glued the string on the back of the frame.


I put a thin layer of hot glue all over a piece of gray paper


And pressed it on


So now its still a cork board just not as ugly anymore


Then I shoved the pin up thru the cork board, and hot glued the bow on top


and finally I pressed the rhinestones along the outside of the frame


TA-DA!!!!! A ring holder!!!

I really like how it came out especially with just using things I had on hand!

xoxox -Dani

Save The Date Sign for a Doggies Neck!!

Last week my best friend Becca asked me to make a sign for her friend who is taking Save The Date pictures today actually! They are incorporating their dog in the photos which I just LOVE! So they wanted the sign to hang around her dog’s neck! Becca said it was a medium-sized dog so I went to Michael’s and they had these thin lightweight 12″ long pieces of plywood! Perf! I made a very similar but larger sign for my friend Heather to use for her wedding! Check that out here!

Here is everything I used to make this!


Wood, Staple Gun, Ribbon, Sanding Block, Paint Brushes/Sponges, Paint, Primer, and a print out of whatever is going on the wood!

Lets get started!


First you need to scribble pencil all over the back of your print out! This will transfer the words/numbers onto your wood!

Then run some primer over your wood! I didn’t photograph this step because you really cant even see the primer. I really love Martha Stewart’s Gesso Wood Primer. Its expensive I probably wouldn’t buy it again so you can use whatever!


She wanted the sign to be “ivory” not white, so I took my white acrylic paint and mixed it with a beige acrylic paint to make an ivory color! Once the primer was dry, I painted this color on.


Now lay your scribbled on paper onto the wood and trace over the letters. Once you’re done tracing you will get an outline of your words/numbers onto the wood. Just light enough to see it!


Then take your black paint and fill it all in! This step takes the most time especially if you have thin lines like this one does. I desperately needed new paint brushes at this point because I have this terrible habit of using paint brushes and forgetting to clean them 😦 so I have like 439574398 crappy brushes lying around. After this project I picked up a new pack 🙂 I ended up using a toothpick for a lot of this sign! For all the thing areas! Yes, very time-consuming with a toothpick!! But worth it!!



Next, take your ribbon, cut it to a nice length (if its going around a dog’s neck, like this one is!) and staple gun it to the back!


Voila!!! a cutsey handmade sign! I roughed up the edges just a little with a sanding block. You can’t really tell in the pictures though!



And that’s how you easily make a handmade sign!

It probably only took me 1 hour total and cost $1.19 for the plywood! Michael’s sells all kinds of different lengths of wood which work out nicely for signs like this one!

If you need a sign for anything using this method is the key to painting on cute fonts!

xoxo -Dani

How To Make a Fake Halloween Cut! Ewwwww

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!! I love Wednesdays!!

Last week, as I was prepping for mines and Mikes costumes, I thought I would try to make some fake makeup cuts/scars. I thought maybe I’d do that for the cuts on Mikes face (even though I instead used the premade cuts from party city… which I really wish I hadn’t! They were just alright. This cut I did looked way better and almost real! But it did take a little bit of work, and Mike is always late, and I knew i’d be getting ready for my costume, and probably wouldnt have time to do this on him the night of.

I was right. I’m glad I didnt attempt this. Mike would not have sat still for the 15 minutes it wouldve taken. But this was still cool to try out!

I googled how to do this with supplies I have on hand and this one website suggested using toilet paper and some Elmers Glue… so I went with that!



These are the supplies I used. Many flesh colored makeup, eye shadows, toilet paper, fake blood, elmers glue, and makeup brushes.


First I applied the glue and set the toilet paper on it in any way. Don’t try and make it perfect.


Then I took the Elmers glue and smoothed it over the whole piece of toilet paper.


Go over the toilet paper once its dried with some powder, applying it with a makeup brush.


Then I just filled it in with some dark brown eye shadow to give it some depth and resemble a real cut!


Doesn’t it totally look real?!?

If I Did This Again

  • I would use the latex glue from Party City to adhere the toliet  paper
  • I’d use a less thick blood that could dry easier

But other then that, this definitely works!

My sister heard you can also use a whole bottle of lash adhesive instead of toilet paper to make the cut, since its thick and dries easily! Then you do all the same steps as this tutorial!

Try this out for your halloween costume tomorrow! 🙂

Carving the Kins

On Sundays Mike, Sam, Derek and I have a little routine going. They come over, we have dinner, then we watch the Walking Dead. Yesterday… we adding carving pumpkins to that list! So Miked picked us up and off Jewel we went to start selecting our pumpkins!



So many pumpkins, how is one suppose to chose?!



At one point they all just started looking identical


The chosen ‘kins!


Got our table prepped


And Mike cut out the tops, what a nice guy

Then you must make another critical decision of what you want to carve into your $4.99 pumpkin with your $5.00 tools that are cheaply made and Mike breaks every year…. but thats not here nor there! 😉 I didnt want to do one from the book because lets be honest… everyone has that book and everyones doing those designs, so we all printed an image from the internet. I went with this cutsey Day of The Dead Skull. I just loved it!!


Running low on black ink! eeeeek!


Once the pumkin is all cleaned out, you want to use the scraping tool and scrap down the inside of the side of pumkin you will be carving. This thins that wall down so its easier to carve.

Then take your image and tape it on your pumpkin. I didnt get a picture of that part

Here’s what it looked like with the lights on


And with the lights off!



^^ Mike’s Pumpkin!^^


^^Sam’s adorable owl pumkin!^^


^^And Derek’s traditional pumpkin! He had big ambitions but they didnt go as planned lol^^


And the aftermath of carving pumkins….




The Ugly Deskling

A couple of weeks ago my bestie Calli asked me if I wanted to refinish a desk that her co-worker was getting rid of. Of course I said yes without even knowing the condition. I said, “if it has good bones, then for sure!” I trusted Calli’s judgement 🙂

Here is a little review of the desk I will refinish over the next 2 weeks probably (hopefully sooner!)


Here she is! It’s a smaller desk, but not a children’s desk necessarily because I could comfortably sit in front of it with a chair, so that was good! Mike on the other hand probably wouldn’t be able to, but hey this is not a desk for him! 🙂

That picture obviously shows that it was in the process of being stripped, that will be in a later post on how to easily strip a wooden piece of furniture.

I have high hopes for this project. I have so many projects lying around but this one is my favorite for now!

I was at Michael’s the other day and saw cute drawer pulls in the clearance aisle and didn’t get them! SO MAD! What was I thinking?! So, I went back and the entire clearance aisle was moved. Of course. I dug like a crazy woman. I needed these drawer pulls! I remembered seeing cute colored crystal ones, I had to find them!

After several minutes….. I DID!


SO CUTE! They’re a nice misty light blue. No… not baby blue. I hate baby blue so I refuse to call them that. Theyre misty okay? Thankfully I was able to find 5 of these and with my coupon I got them all for $2.50 total! SCORE!!!!

Then I got home, and realized….


They don’t screw on tight enough in these drawers. ALWAYS has to be something. Nothing can just work properly ever. I got upset not gonna lie, so I mentioned it to my Mom and that little cutie found some of these rubber rings that you put around screws to make things fit better! PERFECT!!



They were the answer to my dilemma (thanks Mom!) and I get to keep the knobs!


Perfect fit 🙂

As you can see this desk was used by kids at the daycare that Calli works at. Fingerprints everywhere… and another dead giveaway was the inside drawer liners…


Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed on a weird grid print I’m assuming for accurate measurement and cutting. They were horrid, and in every single drawer.


But LOOK! They peel away amazingly!



I was glad to see them go!

Some weird stains were under that paper. I even found a sewing needle in one. Nothing that a little drawer lining project can’t take care of (that will be in a seperate post).

And lastly (although there will also be a separate post on how I am stripping this desk as well), here is a look at what lies beneath…..

5 coats of paint!!!


A varnish, white, purple, yellow, and another white paint. Wow, this thing has been used! Why does that make me love it even more?!


Light Gray Paint

Blue Crystal Drawer Pulls

Blue Chevron Print for the lining in the drawers

And perhaps white drawer fronts, if not white drawer fronts then maybe a white top. I just feel like it needs another color somewhere… any suggestions?

We shall see if any of that holds true in the end because I’m indecisive and change my mind often!

Check back to see how the desk is coming along! 🙂

Glass Canisters 2.0!

As I said in a previous post, I organized my mother’s kitchen counters. Along with the organizing I realized how much I hate the containers she keeps the flour and sugar in.

These are the dreadful ones we have used for YEARS:


They had to have been my Grammas or something. They’re so old. Like old old. Brown lids, clear container, with brown flowers…. was this actually cute at one point!? Why?

I searched for some glass canisters at thrift stores that I could revamp, but I kept finding ones that were cloudy and weird.

Then I came across some that were pretty cute, came in 3 sizes as a set… but the wooden lid weirdly had painted dog faces on it, leading me to believe they were for dog treats. I popped the top open and took a whiff. Yes, dog treats.


My last option was looking at Target and surprisingly they had some nicely priced glass canisters in all different styles


I ended up chosing this style! I liked it because it resembles a mason jar, and there is something so timeless about mason jars, I just LOVE THEM! I got one in the 1 gallon size for the flour, and the one for sugar is a 2 quart I believe (don’t quote me on that I already peeled off the labels so I cannot verify!) They have a nice size opening, and I checked by sticking my fist inside the opening to make sure that getting flour or sugar out would be easy.


These needed some sprucing up as well. I knew I wanted to label them. I had some nice gold letter stickers on hand at home from past scrapbook projects. I used those to write flour and sugar, grabbed my jute string, spun it around the top, and secured it with some hot glue. I kept the jute string theme throughout just to help tie it all together.


Heres the end result! Same jars just a little cuter and personalized 🙂


There they are on the counter. We are really lacking flour. But that’s okay you get the point haha

Has anyone else ever revamped a glass container?

I thought about cutting out paper for the letters to go on and mod podging that to the glass canister as well! So many different ideas for projects like this!

Sprucing Up Some Thrift Store Finds

I frequent the thrift store often, I think thats quite obvious at this point. 😉

I wanted to help organize my Moms Kitchen counters. Mainly because I am an amazing daughter who likes to organize other peoples stuff.

In our household we write a lot of notes. Alot. We go somewhere and someone needs to know… we write a note. I leave for work but must tell my Mom something… I write a note. Constant paper notes all the time. I saw these picture frame dry erase boards on Pinterest so I decided to make one for our kitchen.

I picked up this cheapo $1.99 wooden picture frame from the Unique Thrift Store. I made sure to get wood because I wanted to paint it.


Not so cute.

Heres what I used to revamp it:


Picture frame



Sanding block

Paint brush

Cute paper

and some Varnish (not pictured, I didnt orginally Varnish it but then I decided to)

That color paint is one of the colors I used in the little flower picture I painted for my Mom for our kitchen:


I thought it would tie in nicely and of course I used a chevron print for the paper because I’m obsessed and had it on hand 🙂


Lightly sand then prime the frame


Then paint it and add the paper


It’s that simple!

Then get a dry erase marker with the eraser attached to it, tie it to the back where youre suppose to hang the picture from (I used jute string to keep up with the theme of the rest of the items I used it on)


A cute little message board to reduce the amount of paper we use and a good excuse to write with dry erase markers! Who doesnt love writing with a dry erase marker!? Why is it so awesome?

Next Project:

Operation find somewhere for papers to be placed instead of on the kitchen counter

Insert this thing:


A mini paper holder. This is exactly what I had in mind when I went searching. I didnt want a flat paper holder because that would take up too much counter space. I found so many of these at the thrift store but they were all so big. Then I found this and hoped it would work!

……..But it’s ugly.

It’s green. A weird blue green.

So I grabbed some Metal primer this time, slapped it on, painted it the same color as the picture frame, and wrapped jute around the bottom to not only protect the counters but also make it even cuter. I love cute. And Jute 🙂


Then we are left with something a little more pleasing to the eye and maybe even a little less office looking.


These are both in our kitchen now as I tried to reorganize it a bit


^^^^This is what our counter looked like before^^^^


^^And this is what it looks like now with some help from bins, baskets, and a paper holder :)^^

My Tooter McDooder Doo

Hope everyone has a good day!! Go create or revamp something and make it an even better day 🙂

Or in my case, I’ll go pet my Tooder McDooder Doo (one of her many nicknames) I’ll and be as happy as ever!!!

Mason Jar Gifts!

My girlfriends Anne and Maria have birthdays 1 day apart! Therefore I decided to make them Mason Jar gifts!

I love Mason Jars… they’re so timeless and cute. I went to the store and picked up some things to fill them up with and decided to keep it all basically the same for both of them… no fights ladies 😉


I started with printing their names out to put on the top, then used my eCraft to cut out 2 inch circles, ain’t nobody got time to do that by hand.


Then I tied some ribbon around the top.


Here is what I filled them with:

Nail polish



Pack of gum

$12.00 for a martini (were going out to a martini bar for their birthday to celebrate and that is where I am giving them these little gifts. The martinis there are $12 and worth every dollar!)

and 6 Reeses each as a filler for the bottom.


I didn’t want to just throw cash in the jar. That seems a little tacky and they might’ve even thought… “Why $12, that’s random!” So I looked in my sticker collection and found 2 cute martini stickers! I wrapped some paper around the money and just added the stickers to the front!


Found some crumbled tissue paper laying out the house


Ripped it up and crumbled into smaller pieces (this makes it fall to the bottom better and it makes it so the tissue paper doesn’t cover any of the items inside the mason jar)


Throw in your tissue paper and your filler item like the Reeses I chose (theyre my favorite candy lol so I picked those)


Arrange the rest of your items inside the jar. I tried to make them look cute for the outside.


I wrote a little note to them and put it inside facing towards the back


and VOILA Mason Jar Gifts!