Breakfast Cups!

These are the breakfast cups that Maria made for our Annual Girls Grab Bag party! Check that out here: Grab Bag Post!

I seriously fell in love with these little cups of breakfast heaven. They have bacon in them… so yeah, that’s obviously enough to love right there. I got the recipe off of Pinterest. Here is a link to the original recipe: and look at that! It’s by Martha Stewart! Love that bitch!

*NOTE: This recipe is for 6 cups! I made 4! I originally started out making 3, then my sister wanted one so I made 4 instead*

Alright lets get started!

Heres a visual on how they’re made!

You will need the following items:

  1. 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  2. 8 slices white sandwich bread (in my case, 4)
  3. 6 slices bacon (in my case, 4)
  4. 6 large eggs (in my case, 4)
  5. Coarse salt and ground pepper

Preheat oven to 375, grease the muffin cups with your butter



Again, I began this adventure making 3, then ended up making 4 🙂


Use the top of a big glass, at least 4 inches in diameter to cut the circles. The original recipe says to use a 4 inch cookie cutter but not everyone does (but of course I do lol) but this is how Maria did it at our party and I thought it was a good idea!


Flatten the bread down


Make your bacon as you regularly would. Do not cook till crisp. Cook them until they’re medium, right before they’re about to start crisping up.

The original recipe says to cut the circle in half and then put the bread into the muffin cups, but I found no reason for that. Leave the circles of bread whole, and press it into the muffin cups. Any bread that rips, just fill in the holes with more flatten bread pieces. I think used a silicone kitchen brush to lightly brush the remaining melted butter on to the bread.


Add your bacon to the muffin cups


Crack an egg into each cup, over the bacon. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top, and throw them in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. The original recipe said 15-20 but at that point the eggs were still a little too runny for my taste. I did almost 30 minutes.


How yummy do these look?!


The bacon gets to just the right amount of crispiness after its done in the oven!


These are really easy to make! And theyre seriously just so good! You can bite into them or you can eat them with a fork, either way is just as enjoyable 🙂



Tortilla Pizzas in the Toaster Oven!


I love making these little pizzas. I love pizza in general and I could eat it everyday! Even when its bad its good! But these are GOOOOOD! Flour tortillas make awesome mini thin crust pizzas.

Here are the ingredients I use:

  1. Flour tortillas
  2. pizza sauce
  3. cheese
  4. oregano
  5. red pepper flakes
  6. garlic powder
  7. and parsley

I always start by popping the flour tortillas into the toaster oven first to let them crisp up a little bit! I usually set the toaster oven at 325, and pop these in for a couple minutes by themselves! Sometimes they blow up into balloons inside the toaster oven but once you take them out they deflate. Or I take scissors are cut a little strip into the tortilla to help prevent it from blowing up!

Then I take them out of the oven, use a spoon to put the pizza sauce on and spread it around.

Then I add the cheese. I like to use Monterey Jack and Sharp Cheddar. Then I sprinkle garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and oregano on top and pop them in the toaster oven!


Two flour tortillas fit nicely in our toaster oven. I keep them in there on 325 until I feel like they’re crispy enough and the cheese is nicely melted and bubbling.


I like to cut up fresh parsley and sprinkle it on top of the pizzas once I pull them out of the toaster oven! They add color and a nice taste.


Yummmmm! The ends are always nice and crispy!


These are seriously so easy to make and they’re really delicious! They come in handy if you’re ever just craving pizza! I’ve made them using plain old marinara sauce before and they’re really good like that to! Enjoy!



S’mores Dip!

YES. SMORES DIP. You read that correctly. I love s’mores. For our girl’s grab bag I made this dip and it was a hit. Then, I brought the little bit of leftovers home and I reheated it in the microwave and it was a hit with myself all over again. So delicious, I have no regrets.

 THIS:  is the exact recipe I followed!

Lets begin:

  • Box of Graham crackers
  • Bag of mini marshmallows
  • Bag of semi sweet chocolate
  • 2-3 tablespoons of milk
  • Shallow oven safe dish



Put 1 cup of the marshmallows, the whole bag of chocolate, and 3 tablespoons of milk into a medium sauce pan over low and melt. Stir the entire time. Once all the marshmallows are melted down youre good! Grab an over safe shallow dish and spread this melted mixture of chocolatey goodness on the bottom of the dish.



Now, cover it in marshmallows and pop it in the oven, really at any temperature, until the marshmallows are as brown as want them to be!

If your chocolate you poured in is still hot then but the broiler on to speed it up! I made the chocolate mixture, and poured it into the dish prior to going by my girlfriends house so when I reheated it, I just put the oven on bake so it heated up the chocolate again to!

S'mores Dip!

S’mores Dip!











I went with this much toastiness 🙂


Break up some graham crackers for the ultimate dipping experience.


OH YES!!!! How amazing does that look?! It tastes just as amazing and JUST like s’mores!

This dip is so easy and it was a fun dessert to make and eat as well. The kids liked it too! Especially the marshmallow part. It’s very rich but so amazingggggg! Go make some now for the holidays!!

xoxoxo- Dani


I forgot to post about Friendsgiving! My girlfriends and I had our Friendsgiving a week ago. I made those Loaded Baked Potatoe Bites for it which you can Find Here!

We all brought a dish to pass. We tried to stick with the Thanksgiving theme as best we could and honestly my dish, the loaded potatoes bites, probably were the most non-thanksgiving. Here are some pictures!


^Loaded Baked Potatoe Bites^

Sangria: Thanksgiving Edition!

Sangria: Thanksgiving Edition!

Anne usually makes the Sangria and its alwauys delicious! Half of us like red wine and half of us like white so she made 2!


Half of the ladies!


and the other half 🙂 minus me!

IMG_4304 \

^Turkey Bites!^


^Stuffing Balls!^


*Greek Feta Salad!^


^Red Sangria with cranberries!^


^Meatballs with cutsey turkey toothpick decorations!^

My sister made these mini pumpkin pies… so good! They all had a graham cracker crust!

How cute are these mini pumpkin pies?

How cute are these mini pumpkin pies?

^Those 2 cupcake liners are filled with sweet potatoes and topped with marshmallows and baked! They were AMAZING! And fun to eat with mini forks! To the right is Becca’s Parmesan Artichoke Dip!

All in all our Friendsgiving was a success! After we ate we all sat down and played Heads Up!  which is a game you can download on your phone! It’s so fun!

xoxo- Dani

Loaded Potatoe Bites! Mmmmmm

My girlfriends and I started a new trad-ish this year… Friendsgiving! Even on simple girls nights we always feast on yummy appetizer food so Friendsgiving was planned to be like a girl night on crack.

We all brought something so my contribution was: LOADED POTATOE BITES!

This is where I got the recipe!

I followed it exactly pretty much! I have copied and pasted the recipe on here to make it easier for anyone who wants to make them. Again, this recipe is from this website that I found on Pinterest and none of this was my idea, heres the link again! I take no credit for any of this 🙂


Potato Crust

  • 1 (20 ounce) package of uncooked refrigerated hash browns such as Simply Potato brand which I find in the refrigerated section near the eggs
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 4 Tablespoon melted butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder


  • 1 pound bacon, crumbled
  • 1 diced tomato, drained and blotted dry
  • 3 green onions chopped
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese


Preheat the oven to 400’F

In a medium bowl, combine all of the ingredients.  For ease of mixing I usually combine the egg, butter, and the spices first then add the potatoes and stir.

Grease two (24 count each) mini muffin pans.  Fill each compartment with 1 Tablespoons of the potato mixture.  Then, use your fingers to firmly press the potato mixture into the bottom and slightly up the sides of each compartment.  I usually use my index and middle fingers on both hands to do this.

Bake the potato cups at 400’F for about 25 minutes until slightly browned.

Meanwhile, cook the bacon, chop the tomatoes, chop the green onions and measure out the shredded cheese.  I usually place the prepped ingredients in separate bowls.  As a note, although I’m found of baking bacon, for this recipe I use scissors to cut the bacon into small pieces and cook it over the stove, and drain it well.

Remove the potato cups from the oven and fill each cup with a bit of each of the bacon, tomatoes, green onion, and top with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Return the muffin tins to the 400’F oven and bake for an additional 2 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

“I would recommend letting these rest in the pan for a few minutes then taking a table knife and running it between the pan and the outside of the potato crust.  I usually let them sit an additional 5 minutes before removing each bit with a spoon.  You can place them on a platter and reheat, serve them immediately or even serve at room temperature.”


Here are the supplies I used (minus the butter, forgot that in the picture!)


I used a tablespoon to measure out the scoops. Don’t forget to grease the pans!! Or these babies will not come out!

Next time, I would probably put them on the bottom rack!

Next time, I would probably put them on the bottom rack!

Then I pressed them down with my fingers and popped them in the oven!

  IMG_4294 IMG_4296

I diced some plum tomatoes and green onion

Fill them up, doesn't have to be pretty ;)

Fill them up, doesn’t have to be pretty 😉

Next time I might also add more potatoes in the cup! Because they do shrink! It was okay though, they still came out a nice size!


Mmmmm the cheese makes it!

What's a loaded potato bite with no cheese?

What’s a loaded potato bite with no cheese?


Ta-Da! Loaded potatoe bites! The recipe says it makes 24 mini bites, but mine made about 35! I think because they coulda used a little more potatoe in each cup, but if you want to make more then 24 then underfilling like I did is fine as they still came out amazing and very potatoey!

I also chopped up some green onions and mixed it in some sour cream to dollop on top of them! I love sour cream! It totally made them even more delish!

These are super easy to make and I can definitely see them on the table for a football game or Superbowl party! They’re like an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Another Bachelorette Party Cake!!! :)

These are VERYYYYY late! But better late then never 😉

Here is a bachelorette party cake I made for my boyfriends cousins friend! I actually made this and took the pictures with my new camera as soon as I got it! I literally finished this cake and got my new Canon in the mail! So these are the first pictures with it and then I forgot to post about it! I’m terrible!









Not a very entertaining post, just some pictures!

Happy Sunday!!!!

How To Make a Fake Halloween Cut! Ewwwww

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!! I love Wednesdays!!

Last week, as I was prepping for mines and Mikes costumes, I thought I would try to make some fake makeup cuts/scars. I thought maybe I’d do that for the cuts on Mikes face (even though I instead used the premade cuts from party city… which I really wish I hadn’t! They were just alright. This cut I did looked way better and almost real! But it did take a little bit of work, and Mike is always late, and I knew i’d be getting ready for my costume, and probably wouldnt have time to do this on him the night of.

I was right. I’m glad I didnt attempt this. Mike would not have sat still for the 15 minutes it wouldve taken. But this was still cool to try out!

I googled how to do this with supplies I have on hand and this one website suggested using toilet paper and some Elmers Glue… so I went with that!



These are the supplies I used. Many flesh colored makeup, eye shadows, toilet paper, fake blood, elmers glue, and makeup brushes.


First I applied the glue and set the toilet paper on it in any way. Don’t try and make it perfect.


Then I took the Elmers glue and smoothed it over the whole piece of toilet paper.


Go over the toilet paper once its dried with some powder, applying it with a makeup brush.


Then I just filled it in with some dark brown eye shadow to give it some depth and resemble a real cut!


Doesn’t it totally look real?!?

If I Did This Again

  • I would use the latex glue from Party City to adhere the toliet  paper
  • I’d use a less thick blood that could dry easier

But other then that, this definitely works!

My sister heard you can also use a whole bottle of lash adhesive instead of toilet paper to make the cut, since its thick and dries easily! Then you do all the same steps as this tutorial!

Try this out for your halloween costume tomorrow! 🙂

Halloween 2013… Chucky and His Bride!

Okay only 2 more Halloween posts and that’s it! 😦 which is sad because Halloween is awesome!! Besides the Haunted House aspect of Halloween.. I love it all! And Candy Corn actually, not a fan of that either. But what I am a fan of…is dressing up! In a previous post, click here to read it, I uploaded pictures of mine and Mikes past 5 years of costumes! This year I decided we would be Chucky and Tiffany! I say “I decided” because well, I did. Mike just wears whatever I present to him and I just love that. As long as it fits, he goes with the flow!



This came to me when I was at the Thrift Store and spotted a wedding dress that resembled The Bride of Chucky and I knew it would fit me!

For my costume I needed:

a wedding dress, a necklace, a black jacket, black combat boots, a blonde wig, and dark makeup

and for Mikes costume I needed:

A striped shirt, overalls (he had them from his Mario costume! Score!) face scratches, and a wig as well.


Theres the good ol’ wedding gown! It’s a really small picture, its from my cell phone and in terrible lighting, but you get the idea! This was the thrift store wedding dress that I got for $13.00! yes $13.00! how awesome but sad at the same time is that? Some girl really loved this dress and prob spent a decent amount on it… then I got it for $13.00… It really was well made, old, but well made. Aren’t all old things well made?! They don’t make em like they use to! Still pretty ugly though 😉


I found this shirt for Mike at the Thrift Store as well. Legit the only striped XXL shirt I could find. I knew it would be a little tight on Mike… he is 6’3 and like 275lbs so if its not a XXL then its a XXXL. I knew he would have overalls on top though so we got it!


I colored in the white strips with a green marker because Chuckys shirt is more colorful. It worked well. (the price tag says it was $4.99 but the purple tags were all 44% off that day so i got it for like $3.12!


I found this wig in the unthrifted Halloween section so I got that for Mikes wig and a bottle of orange hair dye. If you use this in light even quick strokes the color applies nicely. I sprayed and brushed, sprayed and brushed etc


Then I picked up these face cuts from party city. I stapled it to resemble Chuckys face. These worked just -okay- They stayed on most the night.


I had these Steve Madden Combat Wedges that I got like 3 years ago that worked perfect for this costume. Theyre so comfy!

edited chucky

and heres how we turned out! I seriously couldn’t even look at Mike in that wig. I just couldn’t contain the laughter. That was also his go-to facial expression for most of the pictures -haha-

edited chucky2

My wig was just atrocious, I cant even deny that. And the sad part is this was the second wig I purchased. The first one was EVEN WORSE. Once we got to the party my friend Maria teased this wig for me and it helped out ALOT.


That picture was post hair tease!


I just did my eye make really dark, applied fake lashes, made a fake birthmark with my eye liner, and slathered on the lipstick. Which by the way was very hard to maintain! I NEVER wear a dark lip… I really don’t even wear pink lips, so this was all new to me. It was EVERYWHERE by the end of the night like my entire white dress had it all over!


what do you guys think of our costumes this year?

I loved them and thought they were pretty funny. Mike ended up winning Most Original Costume (not really original so the speak but screw it! And we won for Best Costume! I don’t think anyone recognized me in that wig and dark makeup and of course everyone had a good laugh at Mike in his wig. Days later people were still texting or facebooked me about it and I laugh every time -hehe-


Buffalo Chicken Dip How To!

Everyone loves this dip because everyone loves these 3 things: buffalo sauce, cheese, and ranch dressing. That is a FACT. Men love it, women love it, children love it.

A girls night was planned therefore this buffalo chicken dip was made.

Here is what you need:


Cream cheese, shredded cheese, shredded cooked chicken, ranch, and buffalo sauce. THAT SWEET BABY RAYS IS THEIR BUFFALO SAUCE NOT THEIR BBQ SAUCE!

I used a little bit of Redd’s buffalo sauce too, since it was a little spicer and bitches love spicer.


Boil the chicken, shred the chicken, put it in a bowl and toss it with Buffalo Sauce.


Put cream cheese in a oven safe swallow dish


And spread


Now lay your chicken over the cream cheese. Pour a little more Buffalo Sauce on top if you’d like. I liked.


Now pour some ranch on top of your chicken


And finally, sprinkle your cheese on top!

Then you’re gonna pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes to warm it up and make it all ooey gooey delicious.

I had EVERY intention of taking a photo of it after I pulled it out of the oven but of course I forgot probably because I just wanted to eat it :/

But what I did get was this:


An “after after” photo of the dip. We dug right in and then I remembered to do this but oh well I had good intentions and you guys get the point 😉

Now, go to a party, bring this with you and  watch as people just fall in love.

Happy First Weekend in October!

Hey Everyone 🙂 I haven’t updated in almost a week since my last post on a baby shower cake I did.  Honestly my mind has been consumed with Halloween and what Mike and I should be. It’s always such a stressful thing and it really shouldn’t it! I can’t decide what I want us to be and I can’t make basic decisions in life. Mike doesn’t care what he is, as long as I can make it and it fits. So that’s where we are at for now!

I had two cakes to do this weekend, I actually just finished them both and they have been picked up. I really didn’t get a lot of pictures of them. I was in a hurry to get it finished so I could also make my Buffalo Chicken Dip for our girls night tonight! Yes Buffalo Chicken dip… yes there will be a blog post on that because it’s so delicious it deserves it. But anyway, I will post about those cakes tomorrow. I have such good blogging intentions but I keep pushing them off!

Now that these two weekend cakes are done…. I HAVE NO CAKE ORDERS FOR 2 WHOLE WEEKS! I am kind of happy for this little break I can’t deny that. I am excited to just be able to work on Halloween costumes, tackle that desk I posted about here, another laminate dresser my mom just handed down to me, and other little projects that I’m sure will come up!

Anyway, Katie over at Oh Hey Baby (check her out!) does this thing called “10 Things Friday” where she lists ten things she’s excited for, wants to accomplish etc! Anything in 10’s!

So I thought it would be fun to do the same thing only on Saturday because I’m  crazy like that! I probably wont stick with it and I will forget by next Saturday but that’s okay 🙂

10 things

1.) Carving a pumpkin. I love to carve pumpkins! Mike and I have carved one every year that we have been dating and we get intense! I have a scrapbook that has ever picture of every pumpkin we’ve carved and I love it. Sam and Derek usually participate with us 😉

2.) I’m excited for Halloween. Because really who isn’t!? It’s just fun! Mike and I need to pick what we want to be asap because I know there will be work that needs to be done in that department.

3.) My sister turns 26 this October! The 21st to be specific so everyone wish her a Happy Birthday that day! And a Happy Birthday to my good friend Heather who also turns 26 tomorrow! We are having a girls night by her tonight where we will laugh, drink wine, and eat appetizers. Like really, those nights are the best nights.

4.) I’m excited to finish that desk this October. It. Will. Happen!

5.) Were suppose to be going to RPM on the 12th. So I am naturally excited for that! RPM is an Italian restaurant in Chicago and Guilana Rancic and Bill Rancic own it! I’ve heard good things so I’m excited!

6.) I also cant wait to try a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I tried a pumpkin coffee about 4 years ago from Starbucks. I couldn’t. I don’t drink my coffee with the lid on. Therefore I took the lid off and it just looked like a cup full of this weird orange-colored foam. Maybe DD will impress me? But I decided I’m going to try it!

7.) I’m excited to go out for Sam’s Birthday. That should be a fun night!!

8.) Calli, my bestie, is having a Halloween party on the 26th! I’m excited to help decorate and possibly contribute with some cupcakes or a cake! 🙂

9.) I’m VERY EXCITED to dress our dogs up for Halloween too. They’re so stinking cute, costume or not!!

10.) and finally…. I’M SO EXCITED FOR WALKING DEAD TO START! Do you guys watch The Walking Dead? It’s on season 4 now. It’s so good. Zombies Zombies Zombies! Love it! Although I am a scardy cat. This show does freak me out. I’ve lost sleep before lets just say that! Did anyone notice Haunted Houses is no where on this list? Yea it’s because I hate them. Not a fan. I can do the Walking Dead but I can’t do Haunted Houses!!


Hello Kitty!


Me, Mike, and Sam were the KIA Hamsters!


This was in 2008! I was a Cherry Pie and he was the cherry pie eating contest winner -lol-


His shirt I made him!


In 2009 I was Amy Whinehouse (RIP GIRLFRIEND!) and Mike was a “Tool” From VH1’s Tool Academy! Anyone remember that show? I did a hell of a job on his outfit for that!



Then in 2010 we were Mario and Princess Peach!


 I knew Mike wouldn’t wear the silly Mario Hat from the Halloween store so we got him his fitted cap and I made the Mario symbol with sticky felt.


Princess Peach! I bought my own costume because I wasn’t going to attempt that.


Heres some pumpkin me, Mike, Sam and Derek have made!

13454_1149316049858_1136280114_370177_6995842_n 13454_1149315849853_1136280114_370176_6343705_n 13454_1149315649848_1136280114_370175_4635821_n 13454_1149315449843_1136280114_370174_4301159_n


And last year here is Sam as a mummy, and Derek as a Hispanic man lol embrace it people! He was one good lookin tequila lover!


And in 2012 Mike and I were The Toothfairy, and he was my Victim. So basically I punched him in the mouth for his teeth. Haha. Another homemade costume.

Stay tuned for this years costumes!!!!