Pittsburgh Penguins Cake

Pittsburgh Penguins Cake!

I made this on Saturday, it’s a 10″ chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I made the penguin earlier in the week and let me just say… it was more difficult then I expected! But that was really the only thing that had to be made for the cake.


I will admit this.. although mayeb I shouldn’t… but I originally cut out the words “Happy Birthday Nick!”. Then right before I put the letters on the cake I was like “Let me just double check that!” and turns out it was Mike not Nick! Thank GOD I¬† double checked! That would’ve been terrible!



I used my awesome pearl mold for this cake too! I seriously love that thing! This cake was obviously for a guy and the black pearls looked manly still ūüôā It just makes the cake look so much more professional I feel like!


Short post! But that was my only weekend cake to do! And now I surprisingly have none booked! Which is kind of nice.. I like to take a break every now and then!

Happy Holidays everyone!



Barbie Banner Making and More!

For Makenzies 2nd Birthday, Heather asked if it was possible to make a “Happy Birthday!” banner for under $30. UMMM YES!!! Everyone’s first instinct is to go buy stuff like this off Etsy or similar online stores but I was able to make a banner for Heather for a whopping $4.00 and¬†I’m not kidding. The banners were going on the cake table and presents table! Check out my blog post on the Barbie Cake I made for Makenzies Second Birthday!¬†Pictures of the cake are also at the bottom of this post ūüôā

The cardstock paper was on sale at Michael’s… 6 sheets for $1.00, so I got as much as I could. I had ribbon, some pink paper on hand, and of course my trusty eCraft!

I love this machine so much :)
This machine is amazing. It’s like a cricut but its mat less. I was able to hook it up to my computer (with the downloaded eCraft software), I found some SVG files of Barbie heads and got to work!


These were free images and so so so cute! I cut out 4 large Barbie heads


Then I cut out the letters I needed. ANY font on Microsoft Word can be used on the eCraft as well. I like to use the fonts that are boxy and thick, since its easier to cut out on the machine.


Then I put all the letters on a white background.


Then put them all on a sheet of colored pink paper. I alternated it so it went chevron print, then the other print etc. I don’t know why but I always have to double everything on paper. I feel like everything looks cuter with a border! It makes it look more professional!

Also, doing square instead of round helps to save paper.



That’s my trusty paper-cutter! It measures out paper perfectly and makes straight nice lines!



I recruited my mom and Mike for banner holding duty -lol- I made the banner then realized adding the “2nd” made it too long! So the end result doesn’t have the “2nd” and we separated “Happy Birthday!” for the cake table, and “Makenzie” for the¬†present table!


I tape the back of each sheet to the ribbon to hold them all in place.



And here’s the final result!


So girly!



The banner just brings it all together! And dresses up the tables nicely!


the banners worked out perfectly for both tables!

Everything else came out so amazing for Makenzies Birthday party too! Heather spent a lot of time planning and making all of the little details!

Adorable party favors Heather made!

These are all cute little Hershey kiss party favors!


Heather made the card box! she simply wrapped a box in pink paper, added a Barbie head, and some number 2’s that I cut out on my eCraft machine for her!


Half of the tables got these center pieces. These are foam boxes covered in pink and black paper.


And the other half of the tables had ballons with the same Barbie confetti and Hershey kisses scattered!



The friend table!


the princess girl eating a lollipop!


Anthony does this thing at every party where he fills up a box with candy and¬†when I say fill… I mean it. This box was up to the very top with all kinds of candy! And then he just launches it in the air and the kids go CRAZY!


Daddy helping the birthday girl!



All of my girlfriends and I ūüôā I love us! We are the Elite 8 -lol-

xoxox- Dani

I’m a Barbie girl in a Birthday world!!

This cake has been on my mind since my friend Heather asked if I could make Makenzies 2nd Birthday cake. Of course I was so excited to make it and even more thrilled when Heather said the theme was Vintage Barbie. UM YES! I love doing cute themed cakes that are different from anything I’ve ever done.

It was a 3 tiered cake. 12 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch. Top cake was red velvet with cream cheese frosting, the center cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting, and the bottom cake was yellow with vanilla frosting!


I had to get a picture by the cake ūüėČ


Heres what I started with! A blank canvas!


Here is the sketch I came up with for the cake! Heather had pinned a few cakes she liked to Makenzie’s 2nd Birthday Board, so I pulled ideas from all of them to come up with this!


First of all… let me just say… I use to HAND ROLL EACH AND EVERY PEARL! Can you even believe that?! What was I thinking?! I found this pearl mold by Wilton at Michaels for like $8.00 so I bought it! SO EASY! I love this thing already and know its gonna get a lot of use.



I cut out so many circles for the bottom cake just in case. Always need extra!

For the bows, I made them a little different then I typically would but that’s because I wanted them to look extra dainty and girly! I ended up using only 1 Barbie head, I was going to do 5 going around the middle cake but decided it was too much! Those went unused.



I especially loved the center tier! At first I only did 1 strand of pearls but added a second strand shortly after this photo!






Loved the cake table! It all looked so cute. Everything Heather bought and made looked awesome! (I made the Happy Birthday Banner and will have a blog post on that up shortly!)



How cute are they?!


Then the cake had to be cut! As sad as that was for me ūüėČ



The aftermath: not so pretty!



Finally I was able to get a cute picture of the birthday girl!! How adorable is her entire outfit?!

Christmas Cake Pops!


I made some for our families Christmas party over the weekend! And if I’m making cake pops then I’m¬†probably also¬†drinking some vino. Cake pops can be tedious and annoying so I sip Pinor Noir, put on some SiriusXM on my iPad and I get the party started!



Wilton has a candy melt bag called "Bright White" and it is so much whiter then their regular white! I love it!

Wilton has a candy melt bag called “Bright White” and it is so much whiter then their regular white! I love it!

If you know me……….. then you know I hate the color green. I think it’s just terrible. I don’t own any green clothing. Unless its a mint shade… which is not green. Therefore, these cake pops were not about to be red and green. Instead I made them red, white, silver, and red. Which is still Christmassy and fun!

Some glittery silver, white, and polka dot red ribbon to tie the cake pops with!

Some glittery silver, white, and polka dot red ribbon to tie the cake pops with!


This was the variety I went with!





Christmassy cake pops wrapped up and ready to go ūüėČ



Da Bears!

On Tuesday I came home from work at 5pm and frantically began working on this Bears cake. I had to have it done by 8pm. I got home and began working almost immediately!

Since I was in such a panic I hardly took any pictures, and the ones I did take are not the best. I finished the cake, and it got picked up like 10 minutes later. This cake was for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner… for the groom!! How cute! What a great wife to be!

But anyway, here are some pictures!!



It’s a 10″, 8″, and 6″ carved football cake! Yellow on bottom, chocolate on top, and marble for the football.


 IMG_4393 IMG_4392

I airbrushed the cake green and it worked out perfectly! I might start doing that more often!


I’m wondering if my lens needs to be cleaned, I feel like the pictures a little blurry?

Hope you guys like the cake ūüėČ


Pirates might not be sweet… But this cake is!

Pirate Princess Cake!!

The themes that my friend Nikki requests for cakes is always so cute. The last one I made for her was the witch cake and cupcakes! Check that out here: http://wp.me/p3N0qO-ok

She needed the same size cake and the cupcakes surrounding the cake just like the witch one. I started by making the fondant decorations.


It’s a girly pirate princess skull! ūüėČ


To make the #3’s I use my little E cookie cutter, and just form that into a rounded 3 and flip it.

All the fondant decorations needed for this cake and the cupcakes!

All the fondant decorations needed for this cake and the cupcakes!

The hearts and stripes of purple fondant are going on the cupcakes to resemble eye patches!

Naked Cake!

Naked Cake!


I always arrange everything on the cake first, then I brush it all with water and stick it on once I know where I want everything to go.

I always start with the letters that are in the middle so it's even on both sides and lines up nicely

I always start with the letters that are in the middle so it’s even on both sides and lines up nicely


There’s the cake by itself!


Then I added the cupcakes. I put a piece of tape under all of them to secure them to the cake board. Just for safe travel!




Hope everyone likes it ūüėČ

*insert some kind of witty pirate humor here*

xoxo- Dani

It’s a FIESTA! Part 2: The Cake!


This half is on the Pi√Īata themed cake! Like I said in the previous post Katie wanted a cake shaped into the #2 and decorated like a Pi√Īata!

I baked 2 12×18 cakes, each came out¬†to about 2 inches in height, so the cake itself was about 4 1/2¬†inches¬†high! Which is a nice size! Then I filled it with¬†frosting and thought about how I would carve it into a #2¬†while keeping as much cake as possible. I¬†didn’t get a picture of¬†this step but I wish¬†I did….

Instead of using a knife to outline the 2 shape on top of the cake I instead filled a pastry bag with frosting and outlined the shape with the frosting on top of the cake! it worked out perfectly! Then I carved it with a knife.


I rolled out the rest of the left over fondant from the cake pops and began cutting it into strips then cutting the fringe.


Once I started this process I realized how time-consuming this was going to be, so I called in my Sue Chef aka my Mother. She cut ALL of the fringe. I seriously think I would’ve killed myself had she not helped me, and having someone to talk through while making a cake always makes it more fun!

What was nice about this fringe fondant was that it really didn’t have to look perfect to be cute!

I wish I got more photos of the cake during this process but honestly there was no way I could stop because my mom and I were just on a roll. So here are some completed pictures of the cake!





I really liked how it all came out! And the fringe turned out better than I expected





If you ever want to have a fiesta themed party, a pinata themed cake is the way to go ūüėČ

xoxox -Dani

It’s a FIESTA!!! Part 1: CAKE POPS!

Over the weekend I had a request to make a Fiesta themed cake and cakepops for my friend Katie’s daughter Olivia who turned 2! Olivia is the cutest little girl who’s first birthday party I did the Minnie mouse cake, smash cake, and cake pops for! Check that blog post out here!¬†And please check Katie out over at http://ohheybabyblog.com/

Katie wanted a cake shaped into the number 2 and decorated like a pi√Īata! You know, like that pi√Īata fringe! She also wanted 40 cake pops… 20 drizzled and sprinkled and 20 with pi√Īata fringe as well! This post is going to be dedicated to the cake pops! I went picture crazy for this and there’s too many for one post.

First we shall begin with the pops!






All of the cake pops were rolled, sticked, and dunked in white candy melts!

This process takes the longest, after they’re all dunked its just a matter of decorating!

dreaded cake pop

AND THIS RIGHT HERE is the reason I ALWAYS roll out at least 10 extra balls!

THE DREADED CAKE POP CRACK! I swear if I make 50 cake pops at least 8 crack, it is just so annoying. Luckily, if I am making drizzled cake pops, the drizzle usually covers the crack very well! But that doesn’t make me hate the cracking any less



I individually wrap every cake pop so I always need cutsey ribbon to tie them with! The dollar store by my work sells ribbon for $1 a roll! Each roll has 6 yards of ribbon which is amazing! That is SO SO SO cheap! Ribbon from Michaels starts at $1.99 a roll! I got all 6 of these for like $6.50! So amazing, and I knew I would have ribbon left over so I had no problem buying this since I always need ribbon.


I tied them with any color ribbon other the one that was used on the cake pop.


For the cake pops with fringe, fondant had to be used. I colored fondant in all of the colors Katie said were in the Fiesta Banner she got: Red, yellow, pink, light green, light blue, and dark blue!


Then I rolled out all of the fondant colors, cut them into strips, and use my tiny scissors to cut the fringe into them. This was tedious!








Fiesta Cake pops! So fun and such a cute birthday theme!

Check back in tomorrow for the FIESTA PART TWO! Which will be the cake!

xoxoxo -Dani

Gone Fishin’…. again!!!!

Thank you to all of the Veteran’s, and the¬†active and fallen soldiers! It’s the land of the free because of the brave!

I have off work today so I thought I’d blog about the last cake I did ūüôā

Over the past week I was so confused as to how I had ZERO cakes to make! I was like “hmmm a cake free weekend…okay this is odd!” Then Val texted me and THANK GOD she did! Because I entirely forgot about the fishing cake for her sons 5th birthday! I legit have never forgotten a cake order! I’m still unsure how it slipped my mind! If I don’t automatically enter it into my iPhone calendar then I write it on my actual calendar at work… neither of which I did! I was so mortified!!! But luckily she contacted me on Wednesday which left me with ample time to get everything done ūüôā

Val needed a fishing themed cake like the last one I did, check it out HERE!¬†Her only request was that the fish and the #5 that were going on the cake be in orange! Simple enough!¬†Here is the fish I made for it…


It’s a fishing cake so naturally we need a fish! The orange went with the rest of the theme she had going on!


I made some rocks in different fondant colors. I feel like it makes them look more real!


These are cat tails and they are in every picture of fishing cakes, so of course I made them. I just take tooth picks and color them green with my edible marker, wet the tip, and pop a piece of brown fondant on top.


Some leaves!


Here is everything that went into and onto the cake!


Once it is all covered in fondant and stacked, that is when the fun begins! I decided I wanted to cover it in white fondant and spray it blue with¬†a Wilton¬†color mist spray! I had one left over and I HATE dying fondant. This worked out wonderfully because it really looked like water! I would’ve¬†used my Duff Airbrush Machine but since I had this can leftover I figured I’d finish that off first!


It just came out way cuter then plain blue fondant!


It just gives it more of a water look to it!


After it was covered in fondant and sprayed blue… I begin adding all of the premade fondant details!




TA-DA!!!!!!!! I really loved how this cake turned out!





It came out just like I¬†pictured¬†it in my head! I love this theme for a boy’s birthday party!

Hope everyone likes it! Let me know what you think!


A Week of Minnie Mousing

This weekend I had a Minnie Mouse Cake order! I did this exact cake before for Katie’s daughter Olivia’s 1st Birthday as well,¬†check her out at¬†ohheybabyblog.com! Only this one was pink instead of red ūüôā

I started out the week with making the fondant decorations for it. I have Mickey Mouse Cookie cutters in 3 sizes. I bought these when I did Olivia’s¬†Cake and I’ve used them many times since. Buying cookie cutters is never a bad idea because I always seem to use them¬† A LOT.

For this cake I needed

9 Mickey Heads

9 small bows

1 large white bow

1 large pink bow with polka dots

The name “MIA”

The number 1

2 sets of Mickey Ears

and White polka dots for the top cake

For the small bows, this is typically how I make them… it’s easy and fast!


Cut out 2 inch long strips of fondant


Dab a little water in the center


Fold the ends in


Take a small piece of fondant and lay it on top


And pinch it around the back!

Super simple! It used to take me so long to make bows because I didn’t have a process and I’d over think it, but now this technique works best for me especially with tiny bows for things like Minnie Mouse’s head!


Perfect size!


The large bows have a similar process just more fondant! For these I like to roll up some parchment paper and put it in the inside of the bows to keep it opened up!


Then I added some white polka dots to it. This bow is for the smash cake! The smash cake for these Minnie and Mickey themed parties are my FAVORITE, they’re so STINKIN’ CUTE!..


I just LOVE IT! It’s so girly and so Disney! It’s meant to look like the hats every kid gets when they go there ūüôā It’s made with my sphere cake pan, which I use alllllllllll¬†the time! I don’t even remember why I originally¬†bought the sphere ball-shaped pan, but I have used it probably 60 times now.

The last time I made this smash cake, I star tipped the whole thing but this time I decided to just smooth frost it and star tip a boarder!


Then the back gets her name, Mia, just like the real hats have!



The Mickey Ears are black fondant with toothpicks stuck in them to make sure they stay in the cakes nicely!

Then it was on to the cake!…


Both of them got frosted. Not A LOT of frosting though, or the fondant on top of it moves around too much! Just enough frosting to make it stick.



Then the¬†fondant goes on. Naked fondant cakes are not cute! I can’t even sit here and say this looks great -lol- they start out so -blah- and the decorations and borders really kick it up a notch!




After everything is put on it’s like a whole new cake!








Hope you guys like it! There’s just something about the smash cake that makes me love Minnie Mouse so much!!! Happy 1st Birthday to Mia!

Next week I have zero cake orders and I’ll be attending a wedding with my sister ūüôā so that should be fun! I will have to come up with a little project/craft to work on to give me something to post about! I have TONS of white cupcake liners that never get used so I might see what I can do with them.

Until next time!