Pittsburgh Penguins Cake

Pittsburgh Penguins Cake!

I made this on Saturday, it’s a 10″ chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I made the penguin earlier in the week and let me just say… it was more difficult then I expected! But that was really the only thing that had to be made for the cake.


I will admit this.. although mayeb I shouldn’t… but I originally cut out the words “Happy Birthday Nick!”. Then right before I put the letters on the cake I was like “Let me just double check that!” and turns out it was Mike not Nick! Thank GOD I  double checked! That would’ve been terrible!



I used my awesome pearl mold for this cake too! I seriously love that thing! This cake was obviously for a guy and the black pearls looked manly still 🙂 It just makes the cake look so much more professional I feel like!


Short post! But that was my only weekend cake to do! And now I surprisingly have none booked! Which is kind of nice.. I like to take a break every now and then!

Happy Holidays everyone!



This Little Piggy Went to a Party!

Good morning everyone! Today is Saturday and unfortunately its raining and really gross outside 😦 perfect day to write a blog post! This weekend I only had one cake order, from a friend named Val, who I have done at least 8 cakes for now! She is one loyal customer! 🙂

She requested a Pig Cake, just like one I have made in the past for someone! She said her boyfriends daughter Ariana saw the Pig Cake and loved it… so the Pig Cake it is!

Here are the ones I made in the past for Jamie for her son Dom’s 3rd birthday around April or May of this year. It was farm themed! How cute is that? I love cool themes for children’s birthdays! She wanted a pig cake (6″), and a cow cake (10″) and 24 green frosted cupcakes! Here’s how it turned out:


I LOVED the cow bell! Its sprayed with the Wilton Color Mist in Silver!


Here’s how she set it up at the party! She bought cute little farm animal cupcake toppers!


All I had to do for the cake this weekend one was make one 10″ pig cake!

Everyone always asks, “How do you make cakes?!” well here is a step by step photo gallery of how I put this cake together!

On Thursday  I made the fondant decorations for the top of the cake:

First I made the snout. I use my Duff Tools to do things like the nose holes!



These tools were like $24.99 at Michaels, but I’m pretty sure I got them for around $17.99.  I love them, I use them all the time. If I’m making anything involving fondant, these are on deck.


Here are all the tools I used for this cake, very simple! I’m afraid this might look SO simple that everyone’s going to start making cakes themselves and putting me to shame.

DSCN2088  DSCN2089

 For the eyes, I decided to reverse the colors from the cake I did before. Instead of white on black I did black on white. I cut out anything that is circular with the ends of pastry bag tips. They do the job perfectly.

DSCN2108 DSCN2111DSCN2112 DSCN2113

Then we start to build the cake! I frosted it, covered it in fondant, and began adding all the details.





And VOILA you have a pig!


For the ears, just bend the tips to make them flare up on the sides. Fondant holds pretty well when its rolled out thin and shaped!



I added “Happy Birthday Ariana!” along the outside of the cake in a hot pink fondant and also used that hot pink fondant for the boarder!


And there you have it, a cutesy pig cake!


This Little Piggy Went to a Party at 10am this morning!

Happy Birthday to Ariana!


Happy 6th Birthday to my little Benny!


I can’t believe he’s 6! I remember when we got him and he looked like a little snowball! So small, white, and fluffy!