Gone Fishin’!

Over the past week I have been working on fondant decorations for this fishing cake! I got some inspiration from Google. All Katey wanted was an 8″ German chocolate cake with fondant… so this is what the finished product looked like!


I made everything from fondant. The signs were made early in the week to give enough time to dry out in order to stand up nicely. I just used an edible marker to write the words on them, and roughed them up with a toothpick to resemble a wooden sign.

The fish is sprayed with Wilton Color Mist in Gold. The fish was originally done in yellow fondant then sprayed.


Used some circle cookie cutters to add some waves on the fondant. I also wrapped this cake in a light blue fondant and sprayed it with Wilton Color Mist in blue. I thought it would give it a little dimension.


I don’t know what those plants are called in real life -lol- but they were all over other fishing cakes.. so I felt like mine needed them! They’re just toothpicks colored green with a little fondant on top.




This cake was very simple to put together since I had ALL of the fondant accents pre-made. The day of it was just a matter of torting, filling, icing the cake, covering it in fondant, and adding the details!

What do you think? šŸ™‚

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